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AM&D has Certified Facilities

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Electronic Recyclers with R2 Certified Facilities Choosing the right electronics recycler to manager your company’s IT assets is a critically important decision. Selecting the wrong electronics recycler can mean exposing your company to data mismanagement, and putting your company at unnecessary legal and financial risk. Contracting with an electronics recycler that is R2 Certified means peace of mind in knowing that your company’s IT assets are being managed by a recycler that has demonstrated they have a system in place to properly handle materials according to the R2 Standard. And, finding an electronics recycler that is R2 Certified is easy. Recyclers from all regions of the country and around the world, offering a wide range of asset disposal and management services, have been R2 Certified. And, the list continues to grow rapidly.    

R2 Certification

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Those involved in the R2 development process, and R2 supporters very much believe in the mission of the R2 standard and the positive effect it is having on the industry. Each recycling operation that becomes R2 certified not only sets themselves apart as an industry leader, but they become part of the movement to raise the overall industry standards for operations and material handling. Here are just a few examples of the important research that demonstrates the need for the R2 standard. Some of this research also highlights the need to facilitate reuse, in the U.S. and abroad, as well as the need to responsibly develop the electronics recycling industry around the globe.

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