Data destruction is the process of destroying data stored on tapes, hard disks and other forms of electronic media so that it is completely unreadable and cannot be accessed or used for unauthorized purposes.  AM&D has the facility to not just wipe your drive but grind it into small pieces.

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Data Destruction Data Wiping Hard Drive Recycling at RetirePC, a certified Electronic Recycling and Data Destruction company, offers hard drive data destruction in the Dallas, Ft. Worth, Plano and surrounding DFW cities in Texas.


Hard Drive Destruction Services

Why is Secure Hard Drive Destruction Important to your Business?

More than 65% of executives with purchasing authority were unaware of the potential fines they can face for improper disposal of computers. What are the risks:

Erasing and Degaussing are not enough.

Even when you think you’ve erased, deleted, and degaussed data, you may not be protecting your company or your clients. Secure hard drive destruction is the only way to destroy 100% of your data permanently from your hard drives. offers a secure and efficient process to destroy hard drives and help restore your peace of mind.

Data Destruction / Security /Hard drive destruction / Data Elimination

Do you know where your company’s most sensitive data is right now?

Would you be surprised to find it on a laptop listed on ebay, or sitting on a used hard drive for sale at a local PC shop?

If your organization is like many that lack formal IT asset disposal policies, chances are there may be old hardware out there with your company’s name on it — as well as its financial reports, customer lists, payroll data and every other secret imaginable.


While organizations have been worried about database hackers and laptop thieves for years, the potential nightmare of data theft from discarded equipment is just as real.

At Asset Management and Disposal we know that IT assets contain more than plastics and metals. They also contain trade secrets, financial information, client data, employee records, software, and other invaluable information that amounts to years of work. That’s why when the time comes to retire or recycle equipment containing your most sensitive files, you want a company you can trust to remove your data – without question!

According to a November 2005 Gartner Inc. survey, nearly 80% of companies said that “managing data security and privacy risks’ were very important or most important when disposing of obsolete hardware.” Yet 30% admitted they had no policy for ensuring the security of used equipment. At Asset Management and Disposal we have a (3) step procedure to ensure your data is completely removed.

Don’t forget to check who is actually doing the work. There have actually been some vendors that have partnered with prison systems to dismantle equipment, do you really want a convicted felon having access to your data?

Though managing the disposal process may take some effort, experts agree that ensuring that all old systems undergo a thorough and documented data sanitization will be increasingly necessary for organizations that want to avoid being sued, robbed, fined or just plain embarrassed.

This should be a common business practice anytime you dispose of equipment with data, you don’t want to be the next data theft story on the news that night.

Whatever your company’s information security needs, our Data Destruction process is DOD 5220.22-M compliant. Asset Management and Disposal can provide a solution or suite of solutions to meet them.

DOD formatting is a competent form of data destruction and complies with the US. Department of Defense 5220.22-M standard for disk-sanitization. This maximum protection via software solution gives a much stronger likelihood that any personal information that was stored on your computer doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Degaussing is a process of hard drive sanitization whereby the media are erased, (i.e., returned to a zero state). Degaussing (demagnetizing) reduces the magnetic flux to virtual zero by applying a reverse magnetizing field. Properly applied, degaussing renders any previously stored data on magnetic media unreadable by keyboard or laboratory attack.

Physical Destruction of hard drives should be implemented when they contain highly secure information, are defective or cannot be economically repaired or sanitized for reuse. Shredding is the preferred method for physical destruction.

Before you let go of that disk, have the peace of mind that your secure data has been thoroughly erased. Asset Management and Disposal provides safe and secure disk drive sterilization services along with the highest security standards. Call us today!


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