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Data Security

For security-conscious organizations, the retirement of IT assets can be as complicated as the acquisition of new ones. Every computer, server, storage system or IT device leaving service poses a data security risk and potential environmental hazard.

AM&D’s standard-setting hardware retirement processes ensure that every IT asset and electronic device is processed securely. Our secure chain-of-custody procedures and other practices enable AM&D to reduce the risk for data security and environmental liabilities associated with the disposal of electronic business tools.

Depending on the sensitivity of your data and your organization’s risk tolerance, AM&D can offer a data-security solution to satisfy even your most stringent business requirements.

Working from a risk assessment checklist, our team performs an analysis of your current IT asset retirement/disposition policies, comparing them to industry best practices. Then we create a risk-tolerance profile that will validate your organization’s current process or identify areas of possible concern and potential courses of action.

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