Equipment Repair and Refurbishment at RetirePC, a certified Electronic Recycling and Data Destruction company, offers pc and electronic recycling services for the Dallas, Ft. Worth, Plano and surrounding DFW cities in Texas.

Environmental Responsibilities


Upgrade, Repair, Reconfigure your company PC’s. Through the practice of reuse and repair the useful life of computers and other types of electronic technology can be extended saving money, natural resources and wear on the environment. Set up a Consultation with Asset Management and Disposal by calling 972-231-6600.


Reuse reduces the amount of toxic and hazardous substances that may enter the environment through disposal. By extending the useful life of products energy and raw materials needed to manufacture new products are conserved which reduces the pollution associated with energy use and manufacturing. Disposal partners promise great returns, but how do you know if you receive highest resell value possible? How do you know if a vendor is effective at re-marketing, or that you actually receive your fair share?

The sad fact is that not all used IT equipment has resale value. The challenge is to realize the best possible return on the equipment that can be resold to offset disposal costs.

Asset Management and Disposal is in a unique position to help you recover maximum value. Asset Management and Disposal independently monitors fair market values, providing a system of checks and balances to ensure that our clients obtain the highest possible return on all their used equipment. Set up a Consultation with Asset Management and Disposal by calling 972-231-6600.


Recycle obsolete and outdated equipment. Active stewardship of resources preserves our children’s heritage. Asset Management and Disposal takes ownership and responsibility for all electronic material picked up from customer site or dropped off by customer, by appointment, at Asset Management and Disposal designated drop off site. All customer assets are handled in accordance with HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, FIPPA, Financial Institution Privacy Protection Act, and Environmental Protection Agencies Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, EPA RCRA. Recycling electronic equipment conserves energy and raw materials and reduces pollution from manufacturing by product reclamation. Schedule a pick up or drop off with Asset Management and Disposal by calling 972-231-6600.

Our Goal

Asset Management and Disposal is committed to environmental sustainability through a comprehensive program of reuse, re-manufacturing, redeployment, and recycling.

Our goal is to exceed US. EPA standards for solid waste recycling, and we proudly adhere to a zero-landfill policy for all eWaste.

Asset Management and Disposal complies with all applicable federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations, including the Solid Waste Disposal Act; the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act; and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 (RCRA).

Improperly disposed of PCs, monitors, and other hardware leach toxic metals into the soil, contaminate water supplies, and can wind up costing millions of dollars in fines, cleanup costs, and bad publicity. Storing equipment that will never be used again – often at great expense – is not a good option for any business. Asset Management and Disposal; comprehensive solutions help businesses protect the environment and their communities. Adhering to a zero-landfill policy, we de-manufacture and recycle 100% of retired assets that are nonfunctional or are too outdated to be re-marketed.

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