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This should answer all of your basic questions about RetirePC. chose to be R2 certified because it is the most comprehensive and environmentally sustainable electronics accreditation available. The R2 standard is endorsed by EPA and more than any other standard it is evidence that has achieved the highest possible standard of product stewardship possible. R2 promotes fair trade and raises the level of best practices in the industry.

RetirePC is certified for R2 (Electronic Recycling), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and OSHAS 18001 (Heath and Safety). For more info read our articles on R2 compliance.

IT Asset Disposition is a means for the proper disposition, removal and recycling or remarketing of assets, while ensuring compliance to local and national data security and environmental regulations.

This is a significant issue for companies of all sizes and in all industry verticals as it is not their core competency and is considered a sunk cost just to maintain compliance. They are often left to create internal processes that tie to ITAD service partners and then staff to support those programs. Companies are good at IT Asset Management (ITAM); managing acquisition cost, maintenance and uptime of their IT Assets. They usually have solid data security policies and programs in place, even if it means removing hard drives prior to the asset leaving their possession. And, they are aware of being environmentally and socially responsible. These are all core to maintaining a sustainable business. ITAD becomes secondary and reactionary.

Do you know where your company’s most sensitive data is right now? Would you be surprised to find it on a laptop listed on bay, or sitting on a used hard drive for sale at a local PC shop?

If your organization is like many that lack formal IT asset disposal policies, chances are there may be old hardware out there with your company’s name on it — as well as its financial reports, customer lists, payroll data and every other secret imaginable.

While organizations have been worried about database hackers and laptop thieves for years, the potential nightmare of data theft from discarded equipment is just as real.

At RetirePC we know that IT assets contain more than plastics and metals. They also contain trade secrets, financial information, client data, employee records, software, and other invaluable information that amounts to years of work. That’s why when the time comes to retire or recycle equipment containing your most sensitive files, you want a company you can trust to remove your data – without question.


We specialize in destroying and completely removing hard disc data.


We can help with a ROI on old equipment with our value recovery program.


We make sure that we practice proper disposal and recycling methods.

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