Electronics & Computer Recycling Specialized Logistics

Recycling is a positive choice to make for our environment and RetirePC wants to make this decision as care-free as possible for you and your company. We can schedule a convenient on-site pickup using our own transportation and work with your schedule including after-hours and weekends. Our staff is trained to safely pack and load all materials in a time efficient manner. Our collection and reverse logistics services are available locally and nationwide.

Logistics and transportation services are a significant part of RetirePC’s IT asset retirement process. Our qualified drivers and truck fleet ensure safe and secure IT services.  No matter where you are in the U.S., additional transportation needs are fulfilled only by our select group of pre-screened logistics providers.

Proper handling and transporting of your IT assets not only ensures their security, but also protects their value. Systems damaged during transport can lose substantial value, affecting their re-marketing opportunity

We protect clients and their assets re-marketing value by properly preparing, securely shipping and storing retired IT assets.

Secure Transport

Whether we are employing consolidated freight, dedicated transportation or customized secure transportation, we assume liability for the equipment and ensure that it is safely delivered to our secure processing facilities.

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