IT Asset Disposition Services In Dallas

RetirePC is an IT asset disposal company that provides secure, sustainable IT asset disposition services to help organizations nationwide responsibly retire outdated technology. When upgrading your computer equipment, servers, networks, and other IT infrastructure, trust RetirePC to manage the end-of-life process. Our IT asset disposition services ensure your old electronics are recycled or disposed of safely and legally. 

What Is IT Asset Disposition?

IT asset disposition (ITAD) is the retirement and disposal of hardware assets that are at the end of their useful life. IT asset disposition involves the organized process of removing obsolete, outdated, or surplus technology equipment in a safe, secure, and environmentally responsible way. Typical IT assets requiring proper IT asset disposition services include computers, servers, data storage systems, networking hardware, printers, screens, cables, and more.

Who Needs IT Asset Disposition In Dallas?

Typical ITAD customers are businesses, organizations, and institutions that are subject to regulatory compliance, require secure handling of sensitive information, and seek financial recovery for their used assets.

Proper IT asset disposition goes beyond basic electronic waste recycling to include many steps such as data wiping, chain of custody tracking, resale of working equipment, component harvesting, and responsible recycling. We don’t drop anything off at a landfill. Our goal is to achieve sustainable recycling practices that don’t lead to the spread of environmentally destructive e-waste.

With rigorous ITAD, organizations can securely remove IT assets from service while managing environmental liability. Partnering with an experienced IT asset disposition provider ensures the full lifecycle of IT infrastructure is supported from deployment to disposition.

  • Data Centers
  • Education
  • Financial & Banking
  • Government & Defense
  • Healthcare & Hospitals
  • Insurance
  • Industrial & Engineering
  • Media & Entertainment
School and Office Electronic Equipment Recycling

What Are The Benefits Of IT Asset Disposition?

IT Asset Disposition provides many advantages that enable businesses to responsibly and cost-effectively manage the retirement of technological equipment. ITAD services with RetirePC securely destroy proprietary data from devices to minimize cybersecurity risks. 

Additionally, we assess assets to determine the most profitable disposition method – whether redeployment, resale, recycling, or destruction. 

This helps you maximize value recovery from your old electronics. 

Sustainable ITAD practices, like responsible e-waste recycling, support corporate social responsibility initiatives. So, you can rest easier knowing that you’re recycling with the pros that will keep your brand’s reputation in line with your environmental responsibilities.

Electronic Recycling Made Easy With IT Asset Disposition Services

At RetirePC, we have specialized systems designed to maximize returns for your retired IT assets. Our IT asset disposition services turn the process into a revenue stream for your organization.

We are R2 Certified recycler in asset management and disposal. You can trust us to handle the resale and repurposing of your used computers, laptops, servers, and other equipment. 

By partnering with RetirePC for ITAD rather than simply recycling, you allow us to reuse working assets and get you the maximum value you deserve. 

We take care of the secure resale of your retired hardware, including computers, servers, hard drives, monitors, phones, and tablets. When you let us handle your recycling and remarketing, you can focus on your organization’s core business.

Why Choose RetirePC For IT Asset Disposal

Whether you are a Dallas business or located outside of Texas, RetirePC is ready to help you unload your unwanted, old electronics. We handle every aspect, including on-site removal, data destruction, resale of working equipment, and eco-friendly recycling. 

With RetirePC, we offer secure IT asset disposal that ensures your valuable and sensitive data never reaches the eyes of people who could do you harm.

Where highly sensitive end-of-life equipment is concerned, RetirePC utilizes extremely thorough data destruction processes that include degaussing and shredding of disks and components.

Following complete destruction of materials, we issue a Certificate of Data Disposal for compliance reporting purposes.


We specialize in destroying and completely removing hard drives and the destruction of data.


We make sure that we practice proper disposal and recycling methods.


We offer IT asset value recovery that helps businesses like yours experience cash recovery for their retired equipment.

With RetirePC as your IT asset management partner, you can confidently release your technology, knowing your outdated assets are handled ethically. 

We work with businesses locally and nationally and are ready to commit our services to helping you clear out your unwanted IT equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions chose to be R2 certified because it is the most comprehensive and environmentally sustainable electronics accreditation available. The R2 standard is endorsed by EPA and more than any other standard it is evidence that has achieved the highest possible standard of product stewardship possible. R2 promotes fair trade and raises the level of best practices in the industry.

This is a significant issue for companies of all sizes and in all industry verticals as it is not their core competency and is considered a sunk cost just to maintain compliance. They are often left to create internal processes that tie to ITAD service partners and then staff to support those programs. Companies are good at IT Asset Management (ITAM); managing acquisition cost, maintenance and uptime of their IT Assets. They usually have solid data security policies and programs in place, even if it means removing hard drives prior to the asset leaving their possession. And, they are aware of being environmentally and socially responsible. These are all core to maintaining a sustainable business. ITAD becomes secondary and reactionary.

Most businesses do not realize the impact of e-waste on the local and world environments; they simply view their obsolete electronics as trash. According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2009 statistics, 3.19 million tons of e-waste was generated, and this number continues to grow.

These electronics contain materials such as antimony, arsenic, lead, and mercury that are unhealthy to us. It is surprisingly easy for these materials to ultimately end up in our bodies and cause major issues including lung damage, cancer, and seizures.

A one color monitor alone contains 6 ½ pounds of lead and measurable amounts of cadmium, mercury, and other toxic metals. At RetirePC, every part of the electronic asset is recycled. Each item is strategically and securely dismantled. All toxic elements are responsibly disposed of, and all remaining metals, plastics, glass, and circuitry are processed domestically.

Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): televisions, monitors, computers, computer peripherals, audio and stereo equipment, VCRs, DVD players, video cameras, telephones, facsimiles, copying machines, cellular phones, wireless devices, and video game consoles are primary examples of electronics that you can recycle. Kitchen appliances and other household electronics can also be recycled. RetirePC will accept practically anything with a plug.

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