RetirePC, a certified Electronic Recycling and Data Destruction company, offers it value recovery. We believe we are the industry leader in cash recovery performance in the Dallas, Ft. Worth, Plano and surrounding DFW cities in Texas.

This is the phase of ITAD where we bring unique value to this industry and distinguish our company from the competition. As with any business, there are two ways to create a better net profit for the customer: (1) Increase gross sales and (2) Cut expenses. We do everything we can to be the best at both.

Creatively increasing gross sales

No surplus technology company is better at gaining the highest value for their customers’ computer assets than Assets is so adept at getting the most for the full range of IT, that we are often able to buy certain IT items from our ITAD competitor companies that they receive from their end user customers and still resell at a profit. This is because many ITAD companies focus primarily on selling one type of hardware, usually PC related products like personal computers, notebooks and monitors. They, of course, take possession of the other equipment types that end users need to liquidate but often they just don’t have the customer base needed to get top dollar for other items like networking equipment, and phone systems. management realized early on that we could gain a real advantage over the competition by working hard to have the best selling bases in all areas of IT products. This enables us to provide more value to our customers who usually need to liquidate a wide range of equipment. We have developed markets that pay top dollar for used products across the entire range of IT including:

Another opportunity to maximize gross revenue is’s ongoing development of overseas markets. We have worked years to grow our customer base of international buyers in every major region of the world. This enables us to sell where demand is best and, therefore, prices are maximized for each specific product.

Further, uses a combination of wholesale, retail and online sales to liquidate the large volumes we process for the best possible overall return.

We believe we are the industry leader in cash recovery performance simply because we keep winning new clients when we are compared to the competition. We can pay our customers more for their IT because we can sell it for more.

Slashing customer expenses

Many competitor ITAD companies have standard charges for necessary services such as transport, audit, data cleansing, and recycling, for their end-of-life services and deduct them as Standard Operating Procedure when the final payment is made for their customers’ surplus assets. Typically, we do not charge for DOD wipes on Pentium 4 and up class systems or laptops in quantity disposal scenarios. Transportation costs are normally absorbed by Assets, provided the package is not primarily electronic scrap or of small recovery value at a far distance.

No two customer situations are exactly the same and will customize a proposal to fit every client’s needs. We will do everything possible to minimize service charges to our customers. This depends almost exclusively on the volume of the equipment received and the ratio of reusable gear to outright scrap. Often we are able provide services such as data wiping, auditing and scrap disposal at much discounted rates or many times at no charge when the percentage of marketable equipment is high. References from our current customer list will confirm the fairness of our dealings and the dependability of our service.



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