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If I Bring My Hard Drive in to Be Destroyed How Can I Be Assured It Is Really Destroyed?

Electronics grinding and destruction


Recently someone asked us this question? If I bring my computers to you, how do I know that the hard drives will actually be destroyed.  What kind of “proof” or policy is in place.

Here is the answer from the president of RetirePC and RetirePC: “If you bring us a drive and pay us to physically destroy it you are more than welcome to watch it get turned into 1000 little pieces going through our shredder. If you cannot watch we will put the drive in queue to be physically destroyed on our next run.

If you bring us a drive and do not pay us to physically destroy it we will determine its resale value and if it has some value we will wipe the data according to the Department of Defense guidelines. In both instances we record the event in our logs that are audited annually. Additionally, we have our reputation at stake and have no plans to be on CNN.

We also offer a Certificate of Destruction. The customer can take picture and or a video.



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