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If you have recently replaced your gaming system, you may wonder what to do with your old one. While you could try to sell it, that takes time and effort that usually yields only a small reward. There are also inherent risks anytime you must meet an unknown buyer. Therefore, the best answer is to donate or recycle your gaming system.

Why You Should Not Send Gaming Consoles to the Landfill

Gaming consoles contain several harmful chemicals that can damage the soil and water. Therefore, sending them to a landfill is never a good idea. Over time, they can leak, leeching chlorine, carcinogens, and other toxic chemicals. Incinerating gaming consoles is an even worse idea because it can release highly corrosive hydrochloric acid into an immediate environment.

Take Your Console to a Recycling Center

We have already discussed that there are more practical solutions than selling your old game console or hauling it to the dump. Therefore, you should recycle the console.

Before taking your gaming console to an electronic recycling facility, such as RetirePC, you should follow some easy steps.


Step One: Backup Your Data

Get an external hard drive that will work with your old and new systems. Then, transfer your data between the two systems. That way, you will retain your current position in your games.

Step Two: Sign Out of All Your Games

Next, go to each game and application and ensure you are signed out. Be sure to delete your credit cards and social media links because anything leftover puts you at risk if a third party recovers your personal data.

Step Three: Perform a Factory Reset

In case you missed anything, perform a factory reset, as this wipes all your personal data off the console. If you have a hard drive, memory card, or some other type of external media connected to your device, doing a factory reset will not reset these items.

Step Four: Remove the Power Cord

Ensure you remove the power cord from the device. This step helps keep your game console from accidentally overheating and eliminates the possibility of someone getting shocked by the unit.

Step Five: Take the Gaming Console to a Recycler

The final step is to take the game console to a recycler. RetirePC is the most trustworthy location in the Metroplex to recycle your old gaming console. We thoroughly review each piece of equipment that comes our way and ensure that all data is effectively destroyed before we put your old console parts to new use.

RetirePC will determine the value of the gaming console and pay you its worth. Remember, the longer you wait to sell, the more your returns diminish over time.


Recycle Your Consoles and More With RetirePC

If you’re ready to recycle video games or your old video game console, RetirePC is ready to accept your electronics. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule your next drop-off or pick-up,

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