Regardless of a company’s business, there are always ways to create a greener office space that will benefit employees and the environment.

Aside from the environmental benefits, a greener office space can also help save money and long-term energy. Let’s take a look at some of the top ways to create a greener office space and how RetirePC can help.

Consider Renewable Energy

Your business can use renewable energy sources to keep the lights on, so to say. From solar energy to wind power, your office could easily make the switch.

If there are other alternatives available, shop through the different electricity suppliers that are accessible. Most providers these days are offering renewable energy options to save money and positively impact the environment.

Get Your Employees to Participate

Finding ways to motivate your employees to become greener can be both fun and effective. Get everyone on board with things like using less paper throughout the day, cutting back on plastics in the eating area, recycling whenever possible, and turning lights off in certain rooms when they’re not in use. We recommend offering rewards to the employees that make the biggest impact.

Shut Down at the End of the Day

When the workday is over, and everybody is heading home for the night, certain equipment should be turned off. This can include shutting down computers, turning off lights, and turning down the heat. You’d be surprised how much money gets wasted and how large your environmental footprint grows when staff isn’t doing these things.

Change Up Your Office Products

When it comes time to invest in new computers or electronic equipment, ask yourself some essential questions.

  • Are there more efficient options to consider?
  • Can you purchase recycled paper products for the office staff to use?

Before making any new office purchases, perform due diligence. When searching for new electronics, you can reduce the amount of e-waste produced in the community by seeking out ENERGY Star products. You can even help the environment beyond electronic purchases by buying office furniture that is made using sustainable materials.

Reduce Printing

Come up with a method of cutting back on the amount of printing that your office staff conducts. Leave reminders in emails and in the printer room that encourages people to skip printing and simply save relevant information on their computer.

If printing is necessary, see if you can reuse older papers for things like taking notes. Just make sure that sensitive data isn’t getting passed around.

Consider Electronic Recycling

When office materials like computers and electronics are no longer being used, consider passing them on to an electronic recycling company. A reputable company like RetirePC will ensure that your data is wiped clean before any disposal processes or recycling takes place.

Not only will you ensure your equipment is recycled using electronic recycling in Dallas rather than just throwing it away, but you can also make a profit through this process. You’ll receive top dollar for your items. Remember that the amount we can pay is based on the age of the recycled electronics. The older they are, the less cash you’ll receive on your trade-in.

Create a Greener Office Space Today with RetirePC

If you want to look into computer, hardware or electronic recycling in Dallas, contact RetirePC for more information. We would be happy to help you take steps to create a much greener workspace.

We are the best recycling resource in the Garland, Texas, area, and we’ll ensure that we properly destroy any data on your equipment before recycling or disposing of it.

We have a very talented team of professionals on our staff that will help you cut expenses and increase your gross sales. We look forward to working with you.

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