RetirePC is a certified Electronic Recycling and Data Destruction company offering computer recycling and pc disposal services in the Dallas, Ft. Worth, Plano and surrounding DFW cities in Texas.

As a premier asset recovery and management company, is dedicated to helping our customers get the greatest return for their unused, excess IT equipment and computers. Our computer recycling services focus on remarketing those computers that have retained some of their original value so their operational lifecycle can be extended while producing a reliable source of revenue for the original owners.But, not every type of technology retains its value over a period of time and in some cases, the equipment needs to be responsibly disposed of. As part of our world-class suite of services, offers computer equipment disposal which fully adheres to government safety guidelines.

Computer Recycling Services – Turning Excess into Cash

Approximately every year and a half, technology undergoes a major transition. For many companies where their IT infrastructure is a core component of their operations, this means that technology refresh scenarios are a common occurrence.

So, what happens to all of the excess computer equipment after new equipment is installed?

In many cases, the equipment is stored in a warehouse, a basement or a storage closet where it sits undisturbed and unused. The unnecessary storage of this excess equipment is costing your company money. Why not turn that unused equipment into funds that can be put back into the business? Computer recycling services from can do just that.

Computer Disposal Recycling

When computers no longer have any resale value or are not eligible to be donated due to mechanical failure, they need to be properly disposed legally and safely. provides computer equipment disposal services that fully adhere to EPA and government regulatory guidelines concerning electronic waste.

As part of our computer equipment disposal, we carefully demanufacture the computers so many of the components and commodities can be re-introduced into the manufacturing stream where they can be implemented into new products, thereby keeping the materials from entering local landfills.

Maximize Your ROI With Computer Recycling Services from provides all of the asset recovery services you need to increase your profitability while also offering the services you need to ensure compliance with the EPA’s computer equipment disposal regulations. Contact us today by calling 972-231-6600 to speak directly with a specialist. Or, simply fill out the request form located on this page and one of our asset recovery professionals will contact you promptly to discuss your needs.

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