Computer recycling

When your office equipment decides it’s time to retire, your first instinct may be to chuck it in the bin. Not only does this put your data security on this equipment at risk, but it also poses some very bad problems for the environment.

Recycling your old equipment with a trusted computer and electronic recycling company can help your community out a lot more than you’d expect. Check out some of these reasons why RetirePC has opted to go green with our practices.

E-waste Poses Environmental Health Risks

Broken or unwanted electronics are considered e-waste. Leaving these items to be picked up out on the curb may be the easy option, but it’s pretty hazardous to the environment.

This non-biodegradable trash is made up of materials that aren’t considered to be safe for storage in a dump. Not only does your technology fail to break down like other recyclables, but its metals and plastics can make their way into the soil, water supply, and air, of your local community.

Materials we all know to be hazardous like lead and mercury are all found in your monitors and other products. Proper recycling through a reputable recycling company allows you to ensure that your environment remains clean and you can happily move on from your old equipment,

Dumping Can Cost You Tons in Fines

Did you know that you could face some serious fines if you are caught dumping e-waste? It’s true! If caught, you could be on the hook for thousands of dollars in fines. Not only that, but your business will be responsible for cleanup costs involved with your actions.

Save yourself the trouble while saving the environment by turning your old equipment over to us. Our computer disposal processes and more can help you clean up your equipment space the legal way.

Destroy Your Data Safely

Data found on old hardware and computers can create a huge breach of confidentiality for a business if data destruction is not carried out properly. The action of dumping your old equipment without proper destruction important information about your business could end up in the wrong hands.

Earn a Return On Investment by Recycling

At RetirePC, we believe that if we are making money, so should you! When you make the decision to recycle your old IT equipment, we try to give credit for assets when they outweigh the cost of recycling and processing them.

Experience Environmentally Friendly Disposal with RetirePC

Reduce your company’s environmental footprint by disposing of your IT equipment the greener way. RetirePC is a Dallas computer and electronic recycling company that disposes of your products properly and ensures that any of your important data is kept a secret.

If you have computers, answering machines, printers, or any related products that you need recycled, contact us today!

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