Dos and donts of data destruction

Technology equipment is something that has a limited shelf-life. However, when it comes to our office equipment, although the excitement of “out with the old, in with the new” is very real, there is that important step of data destruction.

Your old office equipment most likely has very valuable information about your company and its inner-workings. If this information gets out or falls into the wrong hands, this can prove devastating for your brand. Before you make the decision to start the data destruction process, make sure you cover these do’s and don’ts that could help protect your company.


1. Produce an Asset Report

An asset report is one of the first steps that you should take in order to confirm that you are destroying the right data. Your asset report will help you verify what is being destroyed and will also serve as a reference file for any compliance issues post-destruction.

2. Practice Eco-Friendly Methods

Eco-friendly recycling of your office equipment is a great way to keep these products away from landfills that are clogging up the ecosystem. At Retire PC, we are dedicated to helping you get rid of your data and equipment in an eco-friendly way that keeps both you and your local environment happy.

3. Create a Decommissioning Checklist

Your decommissioning checklist will go hand-in-hand with your asset report in this process. Use this checklist as a way to ensure that every item that needs to be disposed of is ready for disposal and is not something you need to save. Failing to create one of these lists can lead to financial damage if one of your most valuable data assets was hidden on a hard drive that was sent off for destruction.


1. Keep Decommissioned Computers

While it is advised to retain some PCs for servicing issues and parts, we say do not keep all of the computers that have been decommissioned. The longer you keep this equipment, the lower its value decreases and the more space it takes up for your newer machinery.

2. Smash and Crash Equipment

Data destruction isn’t as destructive as you may think it is. Please don’t attempt to decommission hard drives by:

  • Smashing them
  • Drilling holes
  • Degaussing

This is an extremely dangerous practice and is also one that is ineffective. Doing this does nothing to ensuring your data’s security as a genuine hard drive recycling service would.

3. Remove Your Hard Drives

You’ll want to see some kind of return if you are selling off old equipment for destruction. Leaving the system intact will help you earn a better return. Aside from that, your data security is much safer in the hands of professionals that know how to access your hard drive without compromising valuable data.

Ensure Your Data Destruction is Safe and Environmentally-Friendly with Retire PC

Data destruction and equipment recycling are processes that need to be taken seriously. Make sure that if your business is thinking about switching out equipment, that your turn to a professional for secure and eco-friendly data destruction. Retire PC is Dallas – Fort Worth’s trusted data destruction team. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

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