The perils of improper data destruction

IT equipment is an office resource that helps the majority of Dallas businesses function on a daily basis. Unfortunately, machines like computers have a shelf-life and eventually need to be replaced.

In the instance of replacement, data destruction is often the route that businesses take to protect themselves. There are several ways to approach data destruction. However, the team at RetirePC knows that there is only one correct way to do it without putting yourself at risk for these three situations that could arise from improper destruction processes.

1. Fines and Settlements can be Astronomical

Failure to properly dispose of digital data can result in violations of confidentiality laws that reside in your industry. When these terms have been violated due to a data breach, not only does your business face fines from the government, but also settlements from disgruntled clients who have now lost faith in your business.

Tarnishing your reputation due to poor data destruction practices can easily be avoided through computer disposal processes that are R2 certified and comply with numerous governmental requirements.

2. Data Destruction Mistakes May Break the Law

For companies in the financial and healthcare industries, there are requirements to secure the confidentiality and personal information of customers in a system. HIPAA, FACTA, SOX, and SERPA standards are all in place to protect the personal information of clients.

The release of any of this information puts a business at legal risk with the government. Having policies in place with regard to data security, destruction and the retirement of IT equipment is paramount to your business following industry law.  RetirePC’s practices uphold the standards that your business needs to meet and can help you save face and money through our office equipment recycling and disposal practices.

3. Data Breaches Damage Beyond Your Bottom Line

It’s no secret that sensitive information is held on office computers and hard drives. This means that a breach can be one of the biggest threats to your company’s valuable data. If you attempt to wipe your hard drives in-house, your business runs the risk of trade secrets and other confidential information falling into the wrong hands.

These types of breaches present several risks that include:

  • Identity theft
  • Hacker access to your systems
  • Loss of revenue due to downtime combating issues
  • Loss of current and prospective clients

Trust RetirePC for Data Destruction Services That Help Your Business Avoid Risk

Don’t let your business place itself in the path of risk because of improper data destruction practices. Let RetirePC help you move on from your old computers and hardware without the danger of a damaged reputation.

Our green data destruction services ensure the security of our clients as well as the focus of eco-friendly practices. If your business needs to destroy confidential data and wishes to reduce its carbon footprint, RetirePC Is on your side. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

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