Stop E-Waste By Electronic Recycling

2022 is almost upon us and it’s time to start considering what resolutions to make in order to improve your life and the lives of those around you.

While resolutions about losing weight and saving money are great ones, here are 5 more easy resolutions you can make in 2022 that help prevent the spread of E-waste.

Find Out Where You Can Safely Send Your E-Waste

The dangers of E-waste to an environment are long-lasting and are extremely toxic to the living organisms within the surrounding community. So, finding out where to send your E-waste that isn’t a public dump is important. 

Fortunately, certified electronics recycling companies like RetirePC specialize in the collection and recycling of electronics. We can safely round up and dispose of your electronics without adding any more E-waste to your local landfill.

Rehome Before You Replace

If you plan on replacing any electronics with newer models in the near future, consider rehoming your old devices before wrongfully sending them to the curb or landfill.

If your older electronics still have some life in them and are still usable, give or sell them to a person who could use them. Rehoming is an excellent form of recycling that keeps older electronics in use and prevents the spread of E-waste. If you are a business rehoming assets make sure the data is removed from the hard drives and you have an agreement not to provide tech support.

Get Friends and Family Involved in Your Efforts

One person or organization saying ‘no” to E-waste is excellent, but when more and more people take on the responsibility of stopping the spread of this environmental issue, the difference their actions make can be monumental.

So, take some time in 2022 to discuss the harmful effects of E-waste and how they can participate in valuable recycling efforts or responsible electronics disposal.

Take One In, Send Two Out

Whenever you bring a new electronic device into your home, it’s likely replacing an older model that you won’t be using anymore. Instead of leaving old electronics to rot away in a closet or garage, spend some time reviewing your older electronics and sending at least two out to an electronics recycling center like RetirePC.

In fact, depending on the age of your electronics, RetirePC can offer our clients cash in return for their unwanted electronics. Keep in mind that the older the electronics are, the less monetary value they bring to the table. So, always recycle older electronics as soon as possible.

Keep Your Data Safe

Even if you decide to recycle your electronics the right way, wiping your hard drives on your own isn’t the best way to keep your data safe. Instead of leaving your valuable data exposed to crafty criminals, send your electronics to RetirePC for effective data destruction that leaves no trace of your data on your old hard drives or related electronics.

Make the Environment Cleaner This Year With RetirePC

If you’re ready to improve your environment this year, RetirePC is ready to help you. Reach out to us today to schedule your first electronics pickup of the year or learn more about our services that help reduce the amount of E-waste that pollutes our environment.

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