Signs to Know it's Time to Recycle Your Hard Drive

The average hard drive should last a user between 3 and 5 years. Usually, businesses that invest in new electronics do so en masse; therefore, when that lifespan of a hard drive is up, the issues that come with them tend to have a relatively large impact on a workspace.

Some businesses try to press on with driving older hard drives into the ground; however, this approach is counterproductive and could be harmful to daily operations.

Here’s a look at when it’s time to let go of your older hard drives and invest in a brighter future for your business or entity.

Is it Time to Say Goodbye to Your Hard Drive?

There are many reasons why an entity would need to send old hard drives to an electronics recycling facility. However, here are some of the most glaring signs that it’s time to start looking for new equipment for your location.

Lost Productivity Due to Computer Malfunctions

As hard drives begin to show signs of aging computers will begin to experience problems that hamper your productivity. From the blue screen of death to computers freezing up, old hard drives can lead to malfunctions that can leave your team unproductive for hours, or even days, once the issues have accumulated.

Corrupted Files

If your team consistently faces corrupted data and issues with accessing important files, this is a sure sign that it’s time to move on from your old hard drives.

Some symptoms of corrupted files that indicate a trip to the computer recycling facility include:

  • Scrambled folder names
  • Missing files
  • Files that won’t open
  • Generally corrupted data

Strange Noises

Clicking, grinding, and screeching are all key indicators that your hard drives are on the brink of failure. From the head trying and failing to write data to fail spindle motors, it’s only a matter of time before these loud malfunctions lead to permanently dysfunctional equipment.


An overheating hard drive is so much more than it appears to be. When a hard drive begins to fail and continuously overheats data may become corrupt and parts of the computer’s circuit board may begin to melt.

Why Recycle Your Hard Drive When it Fails?

While it may be tempting to just replace and store your old hard drives for a rainy day, the truth is, they’re only going to rot away in storage and create E-waste in your local environment.

Recycling old electronics helps breathe new life into your equipment while also keeping valuable data safe through our extensive data destruction process.

Aside from the reduction of your company’s environmental footprint, you can also reap some financial benefits if you don’t sit on your old equipment for too long. Our team specializes in buying and paying top dollar for freshly retired electronics.

Take Advantage of Recycling Benefits Today, With RetirePC

If you know it’s time for your company to let go of its older hard drives, we want to hear from you! At RetirePC, we make pickups and deliveries easy and ensure that you never have to worry about lost ROI on old equipment or damage to your environment due to improper disposal.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule your first pickup from our team of recycling specialists.

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