Electronics Recycling In Dallas Texas

By now you should know that recycling your electronics is a much better way to get rid of old tech than leaving it at the curb. We could go on all day about the risks of e-waste and how poor dumping practices are ruining the environment.

However, there are other facts behind electronics recycling that are a little less well known. Here’s a closer look at 6 of our favorite facts that could inspire you to send your old electronics to a recycling center like RetirePC.

  1. Your Computer’s Materials can Be Used for Different Goods

Although the plastics and metals in your old computers may seem useless to you once your technology has passed on, we consider them valuable raw materials

When you recycle electronics your old materials could easily be reborn into:

  • Cell phones
  • Jewelry
  • Metal plates 
  • Automotive parts, and more!
  1. There Aren’t Federal Regulations for Computer Recycling

Did you know that there is no protection against e-waste at the Federal level? It’s in fact, up to state leaders to determine how or if their state will combat e-waste through proper recycling processes.

In Texas, lawmakers require that consumers are offered electronic recycling possibilities when it’s time to part ways with televisions and computers.

  1. A Professional Must Recycle Your Electronics

In order to ensure that your computers and electronic devices are broken down properly and don’t contribute to e-waste, a certified electronic recycling professional should get the job done. 

At RetirePC, we are R2 certified and guarantee ethical environmental practices with each recycling job we perform.

  1. Wipe Your Computer’s Data

The last thing you want is to leave your old computer at the curb or a dump, only for a criminal to get a hold of your old data and use it to their advantage and your harm. 

Even crushing your old electronics can’t protect you from malicious hackers. Only asset disposition services from a company like RetirePC can ensure that your data is completely wiped, shredded, and untraceable.

  1. There Are 2 Standards for Electronics Recycling

A company can’t just turn around and say they are an electronics recycling company. They first must go through one of the two national standards for electronics recycling.

The E-Stewards and R2 certifications are a sure sign that a recycling company is properly equipped to recycle your electronics in an environmentally friendly manner.

  1. Everyone Has Unused Technology They Can Unload

No matter who you are, there is likely to be a closet in your home or office that is dedicated to storing electronics that are either broken or you just have no need for. 

Holding onto valuable equipment even after its served its purpose is common. However, space can quickly become limited, and a recycling company like RetirePC is the perfect place to ethically lighten your electronics load.

Recycle Your Electronics the Easy Way, With RetirePC

If you are a business owner that knows they have a lot of electronics to get rid of, the team at RetirePC can help you take the right actions for the environment. We are Dallas’ top electronics recycling center and can help you save the environment while safely disposing of your technological assets. 

Contact us today to learn more about our electronic pick-up services or how to drop off your electronics at our site.

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