Hard Drive Destruction By Commerical Asset Disposition Company in Dallas

If your business is ready to be done with them it’s old computer equipment or hardware, no matter where your hardware goes it’s going to need to be wiped clean and prepared for a new user.

Unfortunately, some business owners think that wiping the slate clean is as easy as hitting the delete button. However, the truth is that in-house asset disposition can be one of the biggest mistakes a company can make during such an important transition.

From financial disaster to outright reputation ruining mistakes, here are three of the biggest reasons why you should never risk in-house asset disposition.


If your company is one in the healthcare, education, or financial industry, it’s likely that your hard drives contain sensitive information about your clients. Proper preparation for disposition usually involves the copy or transfer of valuable data onto a new drive.

While most companies successfully accomplish this part of disposition, many forget that valuable data could still be on the old equipment.

It’s no longer enough protection for your customers to take your old hard drive out back and smash it with a blunt object. That’s why several industries currently require professional asset disposition services to ensure that HIPAA, FACTA, and PCI data are disposed of within federal and industry standards.

Should this information get into the wrong hands, your customers will eventually find out and your brand’s reputation could be permanently damaged.

Environmental Damage

In-house disposition is usually left in the hands of a company’s IT team and runs the serious risk of improper disposal. Your in-house team could unknowingly dispose of your electronics at a local landfill. 

This action directly contributes to the millions of tons of e-waste that negatively impacts the environment every year. On top of that, this type of disposal could result in costly ramifications if a company is caught red-handed.

Costly Data Breaches

Data breaches are one of the most common issues a company faces during an electronic transition. When your valuable data falls into the wrong hands, ransom or flat out digital theft can occur; and in either situation, your business loses money.

According to data from IBM, the global average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million dollars. Regardless of how established your business is, any data breach takes extra funds out of your budget.

Unfortunately, unless a professional asset disposal team like RetirePC completely clears your equipment, even physically broken hardware can be pieced together and essential data recovered. 

How Can Asset Disposition Services Help?

Don’t risk your finances and reputation on in-house asset disposition. Trust the experts from RetirePC to properly dispose of your company’s data. We provide Certified Erasure that leaves zero traces of your highly sensitive data.

On top of secure erasure, we guarantee an environmentally friendly process that reduces the environmental footprint of your brand. Trust us to help you make the easiest and most effective decisions during your move into newer technologies.

Wipe Your Hardware’s Slate Clean, With RetirePC

If you’re ready to invest in new technology but need to ethically dispose of your old assets, RetirePC can help. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of our asset disposition service and other recycling opportunities.

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