Benefits of Upgrading to Green Electronics

When it comes time to recycle your office’s old electronics, you’ll have to make the decision on the specific upgrades you’ll replace them with.

Whether you’re ready to recycle old office printers or employee laptops, picking the latest piece of tech on the market is tempting.

However, since you’re already on the right track for reducing your brand’s environmental footprint, why not go the extra mile and invest in green electronic upgrades?

What Are Green Electronics?

Green electronics are electronic products that are specifically manufactured to be biodegradable and easily recyclable at their end of life.

While these terms may make green electronics sound like they are inferior to electronics that produce mass amounts of e-waste in landfills, the truth is, they’re quite durable and can have a shelf life just as long (if not longer) as their more wasteful counterparts.

Some of the most popular green electronics products used in the modern workplace include:

  • Green printing technology
  • Apple iPhones
  • Apple computers
  • Scanners
  • Mailing machines, and more!

While it may seem like the options for greener electronics are endless, unfortunately, many companies “greenwash” their products and label them as “green,” when really, only a small portion of their parts qualifies as sustainable.

However, finding true green electronics is easy. All you have to do is search for the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) rating for the product’s sustainability. If you find the EPEAT rating is silver or gold, you have a genuine green electronic product on your hands.

Big Picture Benefits of Upgrading to Green Electronics

We’ve stressed that green electronics are readily available, but why should your entity invest in them? Here are our immediate and bigger-picture reasons to go green with your upgrades.

Greener Electronic Production Results in Reduced Hazardous Waste

Many electronics use hazardous chemicals within their makeup. From lead to mercury and cadmium there are many hazardous chemicals that become hazardous e-waste.

Green electronics manufacturers aim to reduce hazardous waste by using alternative, non-hazardous materials that prevent their products from producing mass amounts of e-waste.

Green electronics make a difference and contribute to a reduction of toxic materials in the environment. As an example, the use of green electronics over the years has reduced the use of mercury to the point where over 1 million homes in the United States could fill a household thermometer.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Manufacturing standard electronics takes up a lot of resources and energy. Thus, the production process creates excess carbon emissions and contributes to the spread of greenhouse gases.

Electronics made from sustainable, recycled materials require less energy during the total production process and mitigate the need to mine for non-renewable resources (creating even more carbon emissions).

Green electronics have prevented the spread of over 14 million Mega Tonnes of Coal Equivalent over the years and with further interest in greener products, we can give the world a cleaner environment over time.

Start the Path to Greener Tech Recycling With RetirePC

Before you upgrade to greener technology start the environmental footprint reduction with RetirePC.

Our electronics recycling team can help you safely turn in and recycle your electronics. We leave no data intact and ensure you always earn the cash your electronics are worth (based on the age of your equipment).

If you have a pickup you’d like to schedule or have more questions about our process, reach out to us today to learn more about recycling your old or unwanted electronics.

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