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What Standards Does an R2 Certification Uphold?

Ethical electronics recycling is something that many recycling companies claim to do but aren’t officially certified to practice.

At RetirePC, we are R2 Certified and promise our customers an effective recycling process that goes beyond just taking your old electronics off your business’s hands.

We’ve taken the extra step to get R2 certified to ensure that every piece of equipment our clients bring to us is properly recycled, restored, and put back into the economy.

Let’s take a closer look at our certification and what specific standards RetirePC holds our brand to with every recycling job.

What is R2 Certification?

R2 certification is an accomplishment that is months in the making for any certified recycling company. Being R2 certified means that a recycling company practices sustainable recycling for electronics and makes reuse a primary goal in their practices.

In order to become R2 certified, a company must have at least 3 months of data that verifies their safe practices, their company’s due diligence to sustainable recycling, and tracked assets until their final resting place.

R2 Certification Standards

Being R2 certified means that RetirePC follows stringent standards when it comes to our electronics recycling process. The requirements we live by only help improve the impact you have on the environment and community by recycling with us.

Here’s a look at some of the certification standards that help the communities we serve.
Brand Protection Through Data Destruction
Our R2 certification means that we’re dedicated to protecting your brand against ineffective asset disposition practices. Our data destruction service guarantees that any essential data left over on your equipment is destroyed and shredded beyond further use.

We love giving you the peace of mind knowing that while your old equipment may be out in the wild getting reused, your valuable data is not going to be scooped up by savvy criminals.

Independent Electronic Audits

We take a “no stone left unturned” approach to every piece of equipment that passes through our recycling facility. We believe that most equipment has the ability to be reused and we take the time to independently audit recyclables for their best uses possible.

Our independent audits also allow us to provide our customers with maximum rates on each item that we accept for recycling. Please note that equipment value is based on the age of the equipment (turning in electronics sooner yields higher rates).

Environmental Protection

As an R2-certified recycling company, we will never let electronics make their way to a landfill. While useful, most of the electronics we see contain dangerous chemicals that lead to built-up e-waste in communities where they are left to waste away.

There are currently around 50 million tons of e-waste generated globally every year. Recycling with an R2-certified recycling team helps you take a substantial step toward a cleaner environment and reducing your carbon footprint.

Economic Advancements

The primary goal of R2 certification is to promote reuse. Whether they are directly reused in a new environment or repurposed to make new electronics, recycling with a certified team like RetirePC makes electronics more accessible and affordable throughout your community.
Make Your Electronic Recycling Count With RetirePC
Ready to recycle your old or unwanted electronics the right way? Reach out to RetirePC to learn more about our R2 certification and how our services can help you meet your recycling initiatives.

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