Your business may consider itself a frontrunner in green practices. While you may recycle your paper and ensure you turn all of the lights off at the end of the business day, your electronic recycling practices could be taking a hit.

Office electronics like computers, printers, and scanners contain chemicals like mercury and cadmium that could easily spread through a local environment if improperly disposed of.

Let’s look at common electronic recycling mistakes we see businesses make and how you can rely on a recycling company like RetirePC to help you avoid costly and dangerous consequences.

Leftover Data

Even if you recycle your equipment at a standard recycling facility, there’s no guarantee that any leftover data on products like hard drives won’t fall into the hands of criminals.

Manually erasing hard drives or attempting to destroy them on your own brings you zero safety against theft if you donate your equipment to another person or organization.

A company like RetirePC can not only recycle your electronics safely but we also offer asset disposition services that shred hard drives and rogue data for good.

With RetirePC on your side, you’ll never have to worry about prying eyes getting ahold of your recycled electronics.

Not Tracking Your Equipment’s Final Destination

Rushing out to recycle your electronics to the first company that says they’ll recycle it isn’t always a good idea. Some recycling companies say they offer safe disposal but may really be sending your old electronics to a landfill where they’ll spread e-waste.

Before you invest your time into working with a recycling company check their credentials. At RetirePC, we are R2 Certified and ensure our services offer a premier recycling process. When you recycle with us it’s guaranteed your products will be properly disposed of, reused, repurposed and never left in a landfill to rot.

Scrapping Equipment That’s Just Old

Just because your equipment is old, doesn’t mean that it’s always bound for the scrapyard. While scrap yards can offer you some funds for your metal electronics, an electronic recycling company can also bring in a payday for your recycled equipment.

Recycling through a company like RetirePC isn’t just a great way to earn some extra cash, but it also means that your old equipment that may still work could find a second shot at life.

At RetirePC, we test every electronic that enters our recycling center. If we find electronics reusable and repurposable, we will find a way to make them useful for local organizations or resale possibilities.

Recycle Your Electronics the Efficient Way With RetirePC

If you have outdated or leftover electronic equipment cluttering your business, it’s time to look into electronic recycling.

At RetirePC, we are open to accepting most electronics and can even give you top dollar for each electronic sold to our recycling center.

Remember, the older your electronics are, the less we can offer in return. So, if you have recently replaced electronics, bring them to RetirePC for safe disposal or reuse.

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