Gaming consoles are a major source of entertainment for American households. People just don’t like to get rid of them, even after they’ve shown signs of wear or have been replaced with new models.

However, old unused consoles are pieces of equipment that take up space wherever they are left to collect dust. On top of that, they are only wasting away to create e-waste contaminating your household environment.

It’s tempting to hang on to an old gaming device for nostalgia or leave it on the curb for landfill collection or passersby. However, instead of taking up space and harming the environment, your old equipment can easily be recycled in several ways.

What Are Harmful Chemicals in Your Video Game Consoles?

When people drop off their video game consoles at a landfill or leave them at the curb for society to handle, over time, chemicals will begin to seep out and contaminate the air, water and soil of the communities surrounding the landfill.

Some of the most common toxins from consoles as early as the PS3 include:

  • Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Phthalates
  • Beryllium
  • Bromine

How Can You Keep Your Old Gaming Console Away From a Landfill?

At RetirePC, we help keep electronics that have reached their end of life away from landfills and out of storage closets. Whether you recycle with us or through other means of reuse, here are some of the easiest ways to keep your unwanted television sets out of your local landfills.

Return the Electronics to the Manufacturer

If your gaming console is a newer model and you want to recycle it, it is easy to return it to the manufacturer.

Some brands like SONY may even pay you to return your old televisions. Once you’ve turned in your console, it’s the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that it is properly recycled through an electronic recycling facility.

Donate Your Old Console to an Organization

If your console still has some life in it and you are replacing it with a new model, now may be the time to donate your equipment to a community center or neighbor that can enjoy what’s left of the equipment.

This effectively keeps your equipment out of a landfill and brings out the reusable aspect of a recycling initiative.

Visit a Local Electronics Recycling Facility

A facility like RetirePC loves to accept consoles of all types. Our recycling process allows us to thoroughly examine your old equipment, repurpose what’s still usable, and protect the environment from toxins.

Based on the age of your console, we will even pay you top dollar to take your equipment off of your hands. Remember, the older your console is, the less cash you’ll receive, so it’s always best to recycle the moment you know you’re done with your equipment.

We currently accept the following consoles:

  • Nintendo game systems
  • Switches
  • Wii game systems
  • Xbox game systems

Have Electronics You Need to be Recycled? Visit RetirePC Today!

If you are ready to let go of your old electronics, RetirePC is ready to take them in. We accept most electronics aside from CRT monitors and TVs.

Contact us today to learn more about our services, data destruction practices, and how much recycling helps your community. We’re ready to answer your questions.

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