Data Center Decommissioning

A corporation’s data center is essential for running its daily operations. Your data center houses critical IT data for your organization. However, your equipment won’t last forever.

Eventually, you’ll have to decommission your data center to make room for new equipment that keeps your data secure.

Let’s get into why you’d need to decommission your data center and how your organization should use electronics recycling.

Why Would You Need to Decommission Your Data Center

Most businesses place their data center in a location with limited space. When there isn’t room for expansion, decommissioning is necessary during equipment upgrades. Overcrowding your data center with a mix of old and new equipment puts your controlled environment at risk and harms your location’s data security.

Why Should Your Data Center Recycle?

To make more space at your data center responsibly, it’s essential to practice electronics recycling. This decommissioning method can help you unload unwanted electronics with these excellent benefits.

Ensuring Your Security

Recycling your electronics through an R2 Certified recycling center like RetirePC ensures that your data is protected. Our data destruction process uses state-of-the-art shredders that can destroy thousands of hard drives every hour.

We don’t leave an ounce of data behind, and you can move on to your new equipment knowing that no matter where your electronics end up, a security breach is never part of the equation.

Providing Access to Reusable Electronics

Just because your old computers and electronics are outdated for your data center doesn’t mean they aren’t reusable.

Your recycling practices aren’t just an environmentally sound decision, but they also make quality electronics affordable for organizations like libraries and youth centers that need them.

At RetirePC, we can take your old electronics and repurpose them for future use throughout the community.

Obeying the Law

Computers and other electronics contain mercury and lead that produce permanently damaging e-waste. Before you decide to get rid of your old electronics, make sure that you comply with local e-waste regulations.

Dumping your electronics at a landfill or leaving them on the sidewalk for collection isn’t just environmentally dangerous, but it can leave your organization paying a hefty fine.

How Can RetirePC Make Recycling Electronics Easier?

When an organization undergoes a complete electronic overhaul, hundreds of pieces of equipment need to be replaced. Working with RetirePC makes removing old electronics off-property an easy process.

We’re happy to come to your location for a quick recycling pick-up. All your team has to do is organize your equipment, wrap up wires, and tell us where we need to go!

We’ll haul away your electronics, pay you what they’re currently worth, and start the recycling process.

Start the Decommission Process Right With RetirePC

Decommissioning your data center doesn’t have to be a hassle. With the RetirePC team on your side, you can smoothly transition from your old equipment to its replacements. Contact us today to learn more about the recycling process and how we can help you reduce your organization’s environmental footprint.

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