5 Ways to Get Your Community to Reduce E-Waste

Summer is here, and you may have some extra time on your hands. If you are as passionate about stopping the spread of e-waste as we are, now is the time to make moves and start a community initiative.

Getting your community excited about recycling is a great way to bring neighbors together and help out the local and global environment. Here’s a look at six ways to start a recycling movement in your area!

  1. Spread Awareness

    Starting a recycling trend begins with spreading awareness. This can be as simple as going door to door and talking with neighbors about the threats e-waste poses to our environment.

    Make flyers that discuss the benefits of recycling, and organize a town hall with your local community leaders. Getting neighborly and talking about important matters is the slight push toward change our communities need.

  2. Ask Local Businesses to Get Involved

    You may not have the funds or availability to start your recycling center or program. So, get out and start talking with local businesses that do! Local businesses like grocery stores and privately owned shops are always eager to improve their reputation with a smaller environmental footprint.

    Ask them about their interest in getting involved with your recycling initiatives. Many of them may already have recycling centers in place that you can use as a meeting point for community recycling days (more below).

  3. Hold Recycling Days in Your Community

    After you’ve spread awareness and gotten some local businesses involved, schedule monthly recycling drives in your community. Have your bins prepared and create a space for people to drop off their old electronics for the day.

    This is a great way to communicate the importance of electronic recycling and help your community grow closer through environmentally-friendly deeds.

  4. Form a Relationship With a Local Electronic Recycling Facility

    You’ll need a place to recycle all of the electronics you and your community pull together. Starting a relationship with a local electronic recycling company directly connects you to simple, safe recycling.

    When you work with a recycling company, you know that your electronics aren’t going to end up polluting a local landfill. An R2 Certified company like the recyclers of RetirePC will guarantee:

      • Data safety
      • Efficient recycling practices
      • Repurposing of salvageable materials
      • Easy drop-off
      • Scheduled, free pick-ups
  5. Create a Social Media Group

    Getting social online with your recycling efforts is a great way to get your community talking. Create a fan page for your community’s recycling program and encourage group members to post their latest recycling achievements, future recycling drop-off days, and handy tips for prepping your electronics for recycling.

Start a Recycling Initiative Today, With RetirePC

RetirePC is a Dallas electronic recycling company that helps our surrounding communities prevent the spread of e-waste. We collect and pick up unwanted electronics and help you safely recycle them through repurposing or total data destruction.

We’re ready to help you make the world a better place this summer. Contact us today to schedule a pick-up or learn more about how to start a recycling initiative.

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