Enforcing Company-Wide Technology Upgrades

Your technology needs to be up-to-date in order to keep your business’ production running efficiently. No electronics last forever, and eventually, asset disposition and mass technology upgrades will be necessary.

Going beyond a software update and into full replacements may seem like an easy process on the surface, but successful implementation goes beyond just letting go of your old equipment. Find out how to enforce an upgrade the safest and most environmentally-friendly way with services from RetirePC.

What to Do When It’s Time for Technology Upgrades?

If your business’s technology warranties are up, then you are most likely ready to hand over the outdated equipment and stay competitive with newer IT. If you know you’re going to be getting rid of hard drives and other pieces of equipment that hold critical company information, then there are some serious steps your business needs to take.

Back-Up Your Information

If you’re getting brand new computers, your company may want to wipe or destroy the hard drives of the old technology. The last mistake you want to make during an upgrade is losing any of your critical data during the transition.

If you aren’t already using a cloud-based storage system, your best bet for salvaging mass amounts of data is through an external hard drive or an Apple Time Machine.

Data Destruction is Crucial

If you are planning on destroying your hard drives, don’t attempt to do so by crushing them or drilling holes through the equipment yourself. No matter how “wiped” you think your hard drive is, we guarantee that a smart and patient criminal would be able to piece together your information and put your company, employees, and customers at financial risk.

By working with a trusted company that practices data destruction, you can rest assured that your hard drive is efficiently shredded and your company is able to complete technology upgrades in peace.

The shredder we use at RetirePC can handle thousands of hard drives within an hour! So, really you don’t have an excuse to not keep your data safe. Our method is quick, efficient, and above all, affordable.

Should You Recycle Your Electronics?

The short answer is a firm “Always!” Old tech is constantly being replaced by newer models and businesses and consumers alike are converting to the cult of the new when warranties are up or they just “need” that new product.

Our local dumps are becoming a graveyard for outdated technology that only becomes more cluttered with each upgrade. Improper upgrade procedures lead to issues that leave a lasting impact on a personal and global level. Reduce the e-waste buildup in your community by recycling your old electronics through a certified electronics recycling company.

Upgrade the Efficient way With RetirePC

At RetirePC, we know how to help your business perform a technology upgrade that keeps the environment and your precious data safe. We can also help you earn ROI on the equipment you recycle and are ready to take in your outdated computers, printers, and related electronics.  In our experience. some companies wait until the asset breaks down before replacing it long after the warranty has run out.  Keep in mind, that IT assets lose value every day and the sooner you retire a unit once it is out of warranty the more ROI you will receive.  Keep your tech working for you with RetirePC!

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