Data Destruction Through RetirePC

A facility’s hard drives contain valuable information that could be a financial and PR disaster if it falls into the wrong hands. From bank account information to personal details that could lead to identity theft; your hard drives are the crown jewels of your business’ assets. That’s why, when equipment warranty is up and it comes time to wipe hard drives and start fresh, so many businesses, schools and government entities turn to RetirePC for data destruction services.

Find out about data destruction mistakes that have cost industries their reputation, and how our guaranteed data destruction services can keep your business, employees, and customers safe.

Why is Guaranteed Data Destruction Important?

A simple look in recent news stories shows how damaging data can be when in the hands of online criminals. Even large companies like Uber and Yahoo have faced data breaches that cost their businesses millions in their overall budgets and left their reputations quite damaged.

Even one hard drive out of thousands is enough to drag your institution through the mud. Play it safe and trust a data destruction company to ensure your business’ privacy.

Can’t I Just Wipe My Hard Drive?

Sure, there is software out on the market that can clear off a hard drive for users who intend to re-use them within an organization. However, if you are completely unloading your equipment, this is not a safe option. Even with wiping software, up to 78 percent of hard drives still have data that can be accessed by savvy criminals.

Even Physical DIY Can Be Recovered

Some businesses may be tempted to destroy hard drives on their own through smashing or drilling holes through the materials. Not only is this a serious health hazard, but this is simply impractical.

Asset disposition is something that must be approached professionally and with caution. While it may be fun to imagine smashing up your hard drives in the parking lot of your business, it isn’t enough to keep you safe.

Through DIY physical destruction, the hard drives are rendered useless, but it wouldn’t take much work for a professional criminal to piece the puzzle back together for their benefit.

Rely on Full Destruction for Security

The team at RetirePC is trusted by large corporations of all industries to effectively handle their asset disposition and data destruction. Our Dallas-based location utilizes equipment that can handle the destruction of thousands of over 1000 hard drives per hour!

When you choose to destruct with RetirePC, you can rest assured that your hard drives are shredded into bits that are virtually impossible to piece back together. This is our guarantee that your private information remains within your business’ vault.

Invest in Data Destruction You can Trust With RetirePC

Don’t let your government to large business facility fall victim to the belief that a DIY data destruction process got the job done right. Make certain that you’ve shredded every megabyte of your hard drive’s data with the help of RetirePC. Our process is simple, efficient, and trusted. Save your business the despair of a breach with data destruction services from the professionals. Contact us today to schedule your equipment pickup!

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