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Electronic devices have become integrated into all areas of our lives. We use them at home, we use them at work, we even use them for entertainment. 

What many people do not realize, however, is that these items can contain some very toxic materials. It is important that when a device is broken or ready to be replaced that it is recycled properly.

Throwing out your old phone, tablet, laptop, computer, television, or other electronic devices can be hazardous to the environment. If sent to a landfill, there is a significant chance of these toxins entering the groundwater. The great news is that electronic recycling companies can handle this problem for you.

Most Of Your Electronics Can Be Recycled

Most people would be amazed at how much of their old electronics can be recycled. Over 90 percent of every electronic device, including plastic cases, can be recycled. 

The remaining 10 percent may be toxic materials, such as batteries, liquids, or gasses used to construct the device. These can be removed safely from the devices and disposed of correctly.

Businesses Can Take Advantage Of Electronic Recycling

Businesses can profit most from using electronic recycling. Many businesses are paying for storage space or using valuable space in their business centers to store old electronic equipment. You can easily get rid of all of these items by taking them for electronic recycling.

In addition to old computers and cell phones, you can take in electronic testing equipment, phone systems, and other electronic equipment you have used in your business. All of these items can be safely recycled at RetirePC. RetirePC will data wipe all of your equipment so that you never have to worry about the information contained on these old devices, and then purchase your old equipment so it can be recycled.

You can get rid of your old equipment safely and make money for your business. No matter how much you recycle or earn, It is a win-win situation.

Prevent E-Waste With A Dallas Electronic Recycling Company

RetirePC is a full-service electronics recycling center that will purchase your used or broken electronics. When you sell your old items to our team, we will purchase them at the highest price on the market. Keep in mind that the older your electronics are, the more they devalue over time.

So, the sooner you sell, the better. 

Once we have your electronics, we will carefully disassemble them so that everything, including the toxic materials, is recycled or disposed of properly.

You do not have to worry about information from your laptops, computers, servers, or phones when you turn in these items because RetirePC will perform a complete data destruction process

 before deconstructing these items.

RetirePC is R2 Certified. This means we have achieved the highest certification for toxic material disposal practices and recycling capabilities. This is the highest standard in the industry.

We understand that protecting your data, as well as protecting the environment, is important. Our goal is to provide these services to all our clients.

Recycle Your Old Electronics Today, with RetirePC

Electronic devices make our lives easier, but we must handle their disposal responsibly. Taking your old electronics in to have them professionally recycled will help protect the environment and clear out some space at your home or office.

Fortunately, preventing the spread of e-waste has never been easier than with RetirePC.

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