Electronics Recycling to Prevent eWaste

One of the biggest “challenges” that prevents most big businesses from participating in an electronic recycling program is the issue of getting the equipment to the recycling center.

While there are several drop-off centers throughout the nation, many business owners don’t feel like they have the time to properly prep their electronics and find a couple of hours in a day to actually drop them off.

Fortunately, electronic recycling centers like RetirePC exist that make free pick-ups an option for businesses that need to get electronics off their hands.

Let’s get into the specific benefits that our services bring to the table.

Recycling Pick-Up Services Create More Space

Clutter is something you just don’t want in your office space. It is an eyesore and presents a physical risk and doesn’t let you maximize your building’s square footage.

Pick-up services are a simple way to make that storage space or office useful again. Let RetirePC help you amp up your office’s productivity by scheduling a mass electronics pick-up before the new year!


Pick-Up Services can Save You Money!

Old electronics you store away for a rainy day can cost you money. In many instances, office space is rented. So, when you use your rental money to store equipment that you never use, you’re essentially wasting money on a monthly or annual basis.

Pick-up services from RetirePC are a free service and all you have to do is reach out to us and schedule a time and date that’s convenient for you.

Aside from saving you money, recycling with an electronic recycling service could help you make money. Many companies like ours will purchase your old electronics at the maximum market value they hold based on current prices and their age.

Electronic Pick-Up Services Keep E-Waste Out of the Environment

Many electronics contain large amounts of chemicals like lead and mercury that produce e-waste when left in storage or to rot away in a landfill.

Even if you have the best intentions, leaving your electronics on the curb for anyone to pick up or for trash collection services usually means your electronics will end up in a landfill or on someone else’s property where their chemicals eventually make their way into the environment.

Scheduling a pick-up with RetirePC guarantees that your recycling intent has follow through and that your electronics never pass through the gates of a landfill.


Schedule Your Next Electronics Pick-Up with RetirePC Today

If your business has an excess amount of old computers, laptops, printers, or other hardware that is just collecting dust in a storage closet or spare office, now is the time to clear out that space and make some money off of your old electronics.

With RetirePC on your side, we can help you make a maximum profit off of your old electronics. Remember, rates drop lower and lower as electronics age. So, sell them to us as soon as you’re done with them.

Let’s help you schedule your next free pick-up.

Contact us today to learn more about our process and data destruction guarantee.

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