How to Prepare Your Computers for Recycling

Recycling old computers is the best way to properly move on to a new system. After all, letting retired technology sit around your home, office, or even tossing it to a dump contributes to clutter and e-waste that isn’t healthy for any environment.

Before you purchase new equipment and recycle your old computers, make sure to properly prepare your equipment for a new owner. After all, data leftover on an old computer can easily be stolen and put your finances, business, and identity in jeopardy.

Here are some of the easiest ways to prepare your computer for recycling and keep your private information private.

Back Up Important Files

You may be done with your computer, but you still need the data on it to carry on with your new equipment. Before you implement any form of data destruction make sure to transfer important files to:

  • A cloud
  • An external hard drive
  • USB sticks
  • Your new PC

Once data is completely gone, there is no recovery. So, make sure that this is your first step before calling in an electronics recycling company.

Uninstall Your Programs

While it may seem harmless and even polite to keep paid programs like Microsoft Office on your computer, the reality is that many of these programs store personal information that could prove harmful in the wrong hands.

Before getting rid of your computer, go through your programs and uninstall anything that could contain personal information like your name, address, or financial data.

Deauthorize Your Computer

In some instances, programs you need may only allow you to use them on a number of PCs at once. Before you uninstall any programs, make sure to deauthorize your computer as a user. This helps prevent any snafus that could result in you having to pay for an expensive program more than once.

Clear Your Browsing History

Your browsing history can easily lead others to sites where you have input financial information for purchases. Once there. It’s simple for a cyber thief to take hold of your personal information and use it for their personal gain.

Protect your finances and completely wipe your browsing history from all of the browsers on your computer. This will wipe out:

  • Saved passwords
  • Download history
  • Private auto-fill form data
  • Cached images and files, and more!

Look Into Data Destruction Services 

Complete hard drive and data destruction is really the only guarantee that your private information remains confidential. Once a hard drive is physically destroyed through proper disposal practices, there is no way back for cyber thieves.

However, improper data destruction is illegal, so, you’ll want to reach out to a local recycling company that can handle large data destruction needs, fast.

RetirePC is ORI certified and guarantees that not only will your data be properly disposed of, but it will be done so through environmentally-friendly practices.

Protect yourself from a data breach effectively with the help of data destruction services from RetirePC. 

Secure Your Old Computer Data With RetirePC

If you are ready to recycle your old computer or related office equipment, let the team at RetirePC guarantee that your data is destroyed and secure. Trust us to use our data destruction services to help clear your equipment of any compromising information. 

Contact us today to learn more about our recycling process and how we can help your office make a smooth transition into new technology.

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