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Sustainable practices are something that all of us should strive for in our daily decisions. This is especially true when it comes to purchasing and getting rid of electronic equipment. 

While televisions, computers, and cell phones all give us several benefits in our lives, when these items go to waste and are left to rot on a curb or in a city dump, the e-waste they put out into the world negatively affects the environment.

At RetirePC, we put the environment first and specialize in helping large entities recycle their electronics. But what can the average person do to break down environmental e-waste? 

Here’s a look at the five R’s of electronic sustainability that can help you make a first-hand difference as an electronics consumer.

What Are the Five R’s of E-Sustainability?

While most people know of the three main R’s of sustainability, the remaining two are equally helpful yet less known. At RetirePC, we believe that all five of the below sustainability practices are an excellent way to prevent e-waste in your community.


Is that brand new tablet something you really need? Is it something you’ll get rid of for a replacement in a few years? How do you plan on disposing of your current tablet?

These types of questions are all things we should ask ourselves before investing in a new electronic device. 

When we purchase without thought, a large number of electronics will end up forgotten and eventually make their way to a dump where they emit e-waste that contributes to community health problems like:


  • Brain damage
  • Liver damage
  • Kidney damage
  • Skeletal system damage


Although your older electronics may no longer be useful to you, an electronics recycling center can help you repurpose essential elements of outdated devices. Parts like LED screens, keyboards, and even Grade A lithium-ion batteries can be directly repurposed and remarketed as parts in other sellable products.


As exciting as it can be to get a new electronic device, take a look at the old equipment you plan on disposing of. Before sending them away to a recycling center or wrongfully throwing them away, consider these two questions:

  • Could someone else gain use from this item today?
  • Could you upgrade your device yourself with a few new components?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re already one step closer to making the most sustainable decision for the good of the environment. 


Sometimes it can be more sustainable to repair an electronic device over replacing one. Whether you use repurposed electronic parts and make the repair yourself, or take it to a repair specialist, by keeping your device away from the waste bin, you are doing your part towards reducing the consumption of expensive materials and limited resources.


As we’ve mentioned countless times across our posts, recycling is the easiest way to directly prevent environmental and community health problems. As innocent as dropping off electronic devices at a local dumpster may seem, the truth is that even one device can massively contribute to the millions of tons of e-waste that tarnishes the environment every year.

An electronics recycling company can safely collect and recycle your used electronics and easily help you make your community a cleaner place.

Recycle the Sustainable and Safe Way With RetirePC

RetirePC is a certified electronics recycling company that specializes in data destruction and secure hard drive wiping. We are R2 certified and guarantee the most environmentally friendly practices available in our industry. Trust us to help you part with your electronics without the production of e-waste.

If you need to unload broken or outdated equipment, let us help you recycle the right way. Contact RetirePC today to learn more about our services.

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