Prevent Cyber Crime with Data Destruction

As technology progresses, so do the practices of criminals out to make financial gains from your entity’s protected financial and personal records. If you think that banks are the only targets for hackers, you are severely mistaken. Valuable information can be stolen for the financial gain of a hacker from several different industries.

During an equipment overhaul, if the proper asset disposition steps aren’t taken, the financial damages and their tarnished reputation may be nearly impossible to recover from. Find out if your business is a potential target for a cyber-attack and why you should rely on data destruction services to ensure the safety of your customers and business!


The information your hospital or physician’s office holds on its computers can cause a lot of damage to your patients and location if there is even the slightest data breach. The healthcare industry is one of the highest-ranking industries for a breach because it generally relies on security systems that are deemed to be outdated. If cybercriminals are able to easily hack into a health-related database, imagine how vulnerable unencrypted information is when it’s just resting on an unused hard drive.

Save your business the high cost of paying for breach losses, reputation damage, and financial compensation by taking the secure steps towards safety with an official asset disposition service.

Financial Institutions

What would a breach list be without mentioning banks, credit unions, and related financial institutions? Even if your financial institution passed its required penetration testing by the FDIC, the facts are clear, 1 in 3 financial institutions are effectively breached by hackers.

Your business’ data has all of the information a hacker needs to start pulling from your financial resources. The data destruction team at RetirePC can help your bank secure its information and ensure a safe and smooth transfer to its new equipment.


Hackers would love to get their hands on government information that they can use for their monetary gain. At RetirePC, we specialize in helping larger government entities keep their private information in-house. Our data shredder can easily shred thousands of hard drives within a few hours and help prevent a high-profile security breach that could pose a risk for the constituents you serve.


The higher education system is one that sees regular employee turnover as well as electronic system overhauls. Over the last ten years, higher education institutions have seen breaches that have compromised millions of student’s records.

However, not only are criminals after student and employee information, but your campus’ intellectual property is also at risk if the proper security measures aren’t taken during asset disposition.

Practice Effective Asset Disposition With Retire PC

No industry wants their name to be dragged through the mud because of a data breach. Sadly, though, when data destruction practices go foul, breaches happen and the consequences have to be faced.

RetirePC can help your business or entity keep its valuable information secure through our electronics recycling services. Get in touch with us today to schedule your mass equipment pickup.

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