Lowering Logistics Costs

Your business’ IT assets are used to store some of your industry and client’s key information. Fallen into the wrong hands, a data breach can create lots of damage for everyone involved.

One of the easiest ways a company can slip up with their grip on secure information is during a technology refresh and improper asset disposition practices. With the help of a certified asset disposition business like RetirePC, you can reap further benefits beyond obvious data security.

Here are some little known benefits that some of our clients have gained when they’ve put their trust in our asset disposition services.

Lower Your Logistics Cost

If you’re independently relying on asset disposition, the cost of your process could soar through the roof and still leave your data unsecured. From gathering injuries to poor remarketing efforts, your business has a lot to lose without the help of disposition professionals.

With the help of a team that has a concrete IT asset disposition plan, the process can happen seamlessly, quickly, and above all, for a lot less money than your mistakes could have cost you.

Keep Your Business Compliant

When it comes to unloading your old electronics, compliance is necessary at both corporate and regulatory levels. Doing so not only helps your business reduce its environmental footprint, but it could save some money in the long-term. Avoid costly penalties and fines, while also protecting your brand’s reputation by recycling electronics properly.

Maximize Your Value Recovery

Asset disposition is no longer only an expense for your company! With some of the practices that electronic recycling companies implement, your business could recoup some ROI. When you sell your old equipment to RetirePC, we are able to help you maximize your value recovery. We know what can and can’t be recycled, refurbished, and resold; therefore, you can trust us to help you recover the most possible cash from your outdated IT equipment.

Take Back Control of Your Inventory

As electronics are collected over time, your inventory can quickly spiral out of control. Don’t let your old equipment pile up in a storage closet. With asset disposition in place, you can ensure that your company keeps tabs on what your business has and is getting rid of. It’s important that every asset is accounted for because even one misplaced piece of equipment could hold the data that brings your brand’s reputation down.

Practice Pristine Asset Disposition With RetirePC

Make the asset disposition process simple for your team with the help of RetirePC. We are an experienced electronics recycling company that knows how to keep your data secure while also keeping the environment free of e-waste. We are ready to pick up your equipment today! Contact us to find out more about our services and how to get the process started.

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