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If you’re considering a major technology overhaul at your office, you may need help deciding what to do with your old electronic equipment. Electronics often have toxic materials, including lead, cadmium, mercury, and other items, which can harm the environment and pollute the soil at a regular landfill. Improperly recycling office equipment leaves the surrounding area vulnerable to long-lasting harmful effects.

An excellent alternative to consider is taking your old electronic equipment to an electronic recycling center. By dropping off your old equipment at a specialized electronic recycling facility, you’re helping the environment, reducing the production cost of new electronic equipment, and making a positive difference. Here’s a look at the top obsolete office items you should consider recycling in the new year.

1. Wired Projectors

Wired projectors used to be state-of-the-art technology used in board meetings to showcase presentation content to clients, train employees, and advertise to customers. However, many companies are trading out their old projectors with innovative wireless equipment that’s streamlined, non-bulky, and easily transportable. 

These wired projectors still have valuable components that can be melted down and recycled into other functional equipment. In addition, many projectors have valuable bits of lead in the soldered components within the circuit board and selenium.

2. Video Conferencing Equipment

Most meetings are now conducted from your laptop using Zoom, Skype, and other convenient video conferencing apps. Large, clunky videoconferencing equipment is no longer necessary to streamline communications between company employees and other contacts. 

Some electronic components within this equipment contain rare metals that can be salvaged and repurposed into newer technology. On other occasions, a recycling center can refurbish old equipment and put it to use by donating it to schools, start-ups, or community outreach programs.

3. Wired LAN

Most wired network gear contains copper. Copper is a precious element and an excellent conductor. It helps create radios, television sets, computers, lights, and other everyday items. Wired LANs are one of the most desirable pieces of obsolete office equipment to recycle. 

4. Fax Machines

Old fax machines are some of the most significant contributors to landfill waste. But, whether you’ve just upgraded to a newer model or are seeking more environmentally-friendly options for your company, you can easily recycle your old fax machine.

Fax machines contain a sizable amount of industrial-grade plastic, which manufacturing companies can use to create gaskets, electrical insulators, food processing components, valves, and pump parts.

5. Desk Phones

Gone are the days when your desk phone was a vital part of your office equipment to keep you connected and productive throughout your work week. With the help of virtual calling systems and mobile phones, desk phones are obsolete. 

Nearly every component of a desk phone is recyclable. Many desk phones contain various amounts of plastic, metal, and even silver which can all be extracted and reused to make new communication equipment and other innovative products.

Upgrading Your Office Equipment? Recycle Safely With RetirePC

Donating or recycling your old office equipment and electronics can play a considerable part in conserving natural resources, reducing air and water pollution, and decreasing greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. RetirePC is an electronic recycling center in Dallas that can safely and efficiently destroy or recycle various electronic office equipment and provide peace of mind. 

When you unload your obsolete gear at RetirePC, you can quickly clear out the clutter in your office to make room for new technology and do your part to help improve the environment.

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