obsolete electronics piling up around office

The technology industry has been experiencing a substantial amount of growth in the past decade or so. We’re seeing electronic devices being used in many different ways throughout our day. 

This consumer demand has unfortunately led to a great deal of electronic waste, as new products are created and sold. As one of the most prevalent forms of waste across the globe, E-waste program models are needed more than ever to protect our world from environmental threats.

To focus on the positive aspect of E-waste, there is an opportunity for people to start their own electronic waste recycling program at a corporate level. Not only is there money to be made from this venture, but it will also do some good for the environment. 

From television sets to smartphones, there is the need to recycle electronic items and find safer places for them to go than a local landfill. If you’re interested in improving your corporate culture and starting an E-waste program, there are some important steps that you’ll need to take.

Do Your Research

The first step to creating a successful electronic recycling program is knowing what you can recycle with a Dallas electronic recycling facility. Not every electronic device is accepted. For example, at RetirePC, we no longer accept CRT monitors or TVs.

Save your team time and research what you can and cannot collect for your initiative. 

Some of the most common electronics that you can recycle in your office include the following:

  • Computers
  • Circuit Boards
  • Telephone Equipment
  • Cell Phones
  • Printers
  • Fax Machines
  • Tablets, and more!

Focus on the Size of Your Potential E-Waste

Knowing how much e-waste your company produces is critical to helping you plan out how you will build your team, how you will organize your electronics for collection, and which electronic recycling company you’ll plan to accomplish your goals with.

Take some time to walk through your office and take inventory of what exactly you’re getting rid of and how much of each piece of equipment you have.

Is the equipment heavy? Do you even have enough equipment to start a continuous recycling program, or is this just a one-time effort?

All of these types of questions are critical because you want a recycling program to be a helpful addition to your business’s success and not a time-consuming add-on.

Fortunately, if you find that you do have a substantial amount of equipment that has to go, a team like RetirePC makes the collection process simple. All you have to do on your end is gather up the equipment, schedule a pick-up time, and we’ll do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Know How You’re Going to Collect Electronics

Sorting electronics for recycling is essential, especially if you plan on making extra money by selling them to a company like RetirePC.

Make plans to have different bins or drop-off centers for different types of electronics. 

Do you need to recycle an old tablet or smartphone? There’s a bin for that. 

Have you upgraded your laptop and want to repurpose your old one? Please drop off your old equipment in the designated holding room.

Knowing how you’ll collect electronics organizes your recycling efforts and ensures that your program is effective and lucrative for your business.

Have an Official On-Boarding Meeting

What would the point be of starting a corporate recycling program if you don’t have your entire team on board?

Once you have uncovered your recycling needs and how you will implement your plan of action, schedule an afternoon with your team to review your plans. 

Some tips for getting your team invested in the recycling program are to emphasize:

  • The long-term environmentally damaging effects of e-waste
  • The prevalence of e-waste in our daily lives
  • How much e-waste sits and rots in landfills (80%)
  • The fact that your business can make more money when it sells obsolete electronics promptly (the older they are, the less cash you’ll receive)

Start Your Corporate Recycling Program With RetirePC on Your Side

As new electronic products and devices are released and purchased by consumers, more and more old products will be discarded. To protect future generations and our planet, an electronic recycling center in Dallas can repurpose these items, recycle them and use their parts for other needs. 

At RetirePC, we buy obsolete electronics from various companies and private residents. We take that equipment and recycle or refurbish it. Contact us today to schedule your next recycling pick-up.

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