Electronics Recycling in Garland TX

Even though many businesses are closed in the spirit of flattening the curve of coronavirus across the nation, the team at RetirePC has been deemed an essential part of the market. We’re proud to stay open and continue to serve our customers and keep the air just that much cleaner through our recycling processes.

While we currently take the steps to practice appropriate social distancing and keep our practices at as low risk as possible, our team is ready to look towards the future and how we can continue to encourage healthy practices after the COVID-19 pandemic passes. Here are some of the ways that our processes help clients today and tomorrow as they strive to remain healthy for their loved ones.

Threat-Free Transactions

The beauty of recycling electronics with RetirePC is that we will come to you, and you don’t even have to leave the office! All you have to do is gather your electronics, sort them, and leave them at a delivery spot on your property for us to gather up ourselves.

Since coronavirus could potentially last on surfaces for several days, we want to make sure that our team members and your staff stay socially distant transactions. That’s why we encourage our pickup service where our crew is stocked with masks and gloves for a safe, threat-free transaction. Additionally, all pickups are quarantined for 3-4 days before we start processing them.

Our Office is Private

Sure, once the mandates are lifted, we’ll be ready to accept corporate customers through our doors with open arms to set up recycling or data destruction arrangements. However, for the time being, and if you’re wary in the months after the threat has passed, we’re glad to schedule our services remotely over the phone.

Not only is this an efficient way of communicating what you need, but it also allows everyone involved to remain safe while continuing to benefit from the electronics recycling services that keep e-waste away from our communities.

Save Your Health the Trip to the Street Corner

Although it hasn’t been proven that coronavirus is airborne, it’s still a very easy disease to contract by being around the wrong person or touching the wrong surface. Many people who want to get rid of electronics either leave them on the curb, illegally (knowingly and unknowingly) toss them out in a dumpster or take them out to the dump themselves. In the past, these actions were reckless because of the e-waste that resulted from them. However, now, on top of the e-waste, these actions put you and others at risk. Coordinating your efforts with an experienced recycling company can help reduce e-waste as well as minimize the current health risks faced by unloading equipment yourself at a location where the sanitization may not be up to snuff.

Stay Safe, Recycle Smart with RetirePC

As always, we want the best for our customers. So please, while we’re under state-regulated mandates, let’s do our best to practice effective social distancing and overcome this threat to our communities. From the RetirePC family to yours, stay safe, and remember, we are always here to lighten your load when you need us.

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