Old Electronic Products Need To Be Recycled in DFW

The holidays are just around the corner and everyone from individuals to commercial entities is getting in the giving spirit.

However, while even larger entities start to make their lists for what they need this season, it’s best to keep in mind that if new electronics are on said list, preventing e-waste should always remain at the top of their priorities.

What’s the Problem With Too Many Old Electronics?

Whether an entity keeps old electronics around for a rainy day or just stores them for simplicity’s sake, there really isn’t a good reason to let them hang around if they’re getting replaced.

Not only do older electronics eventually corrode and spew e-waste into their immediate environment, but letting them go unused presents a security threat to any brand that likely has valuable data somewhere on old hard drives.

4 Electronic Recycling Tips to Keep Your Holidays Greener

This holiday season, don’t deter from making those big electronics upgrades for your business. Simply follow our 4 simple electronic recycling tips to make the upgrade smooth, profitable, and environmentally friendly.

Take Inventory Before You Make a List and Check it Twice

It can be exciting to see new electronics hit the market and immediately become obsessed with having them for your organization.

Before you place that order, let your excitement putter down a bit and take some actual inventory of what you’ll need to get rid of to make space for your new equipment.

First off, anything that you’re replacing with a new version is nothing that needs to stick around. If you were going to continue using it, you never would have considered upgrading.

Also, take a moment to check your storage space, garages, and any hidden closets throughout your property. While you’re clearing out old electronics, you may as well gather the lot while you’re in the decluttering mindset.

Recycle What You Don’t Need Anymore

Remember, never leave any electronics you don’t want out on the curb or at a nearby dump. Dumps are where electronics go to corrode and ruin the environment with the release of mercury, lead, and other dangerous chemicals into a community.

Yes, organizing and gathering up your old electronics for recycling collection takes time. But in the end, it’s the most beneficial move your organization could make to reduce its environmental footprint and secure its old data.

Donate Electronics to a Community Space in Need

It’s the season of giving, after all! So, if you know that your old electronics are still technically “good,” it may be a great gesture to donate them to a local library, homeless shelter, or youth center.

Paying it forward reduces e-waste and allows you to free up space while helping out community members in need. Keep in mind that before you donate any equipment, it’s essential that you thoroughly wipe your equipment’s hard drive for your security and the enjoyment of those who inherit your older equipment.

Sell Your Old Electronics to Retire PC

Finally, you can recycle your old equipment while making a profit to help pay for your new electronic investments. At RetirePC, we buy new and used electronic equipment and guarantee the best prices throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Keep in mind that old electronics lose value over time. So, the sooner you sell your old electronics to RetirePC the greater the chances of your assets having value and giving you a great ROI.

Contribute Less E-Waste This Holiday Season, With Retire PC

RetirePC is Dallas’s most trusted resource for recycling old electronics. Not only will we buy your electronics from you at the best rates possible, but our data destruction process guarantees that your essential documents and data are destroyed and never land in the hands of an unauthorized individual.

We make mass pickups of commercial electronics. So, gather your goods and schedule a pickup time today! Contact us to learn more about our services.

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