Reasons to Recycle Batteries in Old Electronics

Batteries are one of the most essential components of any electronic device. Unfortunately, batteries don’t last forever and either get replaced or contribute to the discarding or donation of an older electronic device.

It’s estimated that over 3 billion batteries are thrown away each year in the United States alone, and this careless discarding is a massive factor in our society’s e-waste problem.

Fortunately, recycling batteries and outdated electronics with internal batteries is easy and only requires action on behalf of a user or corporation.

Here are some of the biggest reasons why people should always recycle batteries when they go bad or start to slow down older electronics.

Your Electronic’s Batteries Could Be Worth Money

Throwing away your electronics and batteries isn’t just a detriment to the environment but it’s financially wasteful. Your batteries that run electronics like smartphones and alarm systems could help add value to your devices when you bring them to an electronics recycling center for a sale.

Although the price that you sell old electronics to a recycling center will vary based on the device’s age, the materials within your electronics and batteries could bring you some financial gain.

Recycling Helps Preserve Resources

The materials used to create batteries are non-renewable and can be extremely expensive to farm directly from the source. Batteries and their materials are constantly in demand, so manufacturers with a greener mentality must look elsewhere for future battery production.

Recycling batteries helps reproduce valuable resources and preserves the integrity of the natural materials already in place. Aside from preserving natural resources, recycling makes the production process more economical and reduces the overall costs of materials once they reach the consumer’s market.

Recycling Keeps Dangerous Chemicals Out of Landfills

When batteries and electronics are discarded into the trash, they inevitably make their way into your local landfills. While there, they will rot away and break down. When this happens, chemicals like lead-acid, lithium-ion, and cadmium can make their way into local soil and water sources, creating a massive health risk to the community and local wildlife.

When you recycle electronics, items like batteries are repurposed and avoid becoming an environmental time bomb in a community’s landfill.

Battery Recycling is the Law

Used and damaged batteries must be properly disposed of and recycled per federal and state laws. The level of dangerous materials in batteries could be irreversibly damaging to the environment and pose a massive health hazard if a person comes in contact with them.

So, if you want to avoid substantial fines and potentially make money off of your old electronics, we suggest making an appointment with RetirePC today.

Recycle Your Electronics and Batteries Today, With RetirePC

If your business has an excess amount of older electronics that have to go, don’t leave them and their batteries to rot in a public landfill and create e-waste. Schedule a drop-off or pickup with RetirePC and put your old electronics and batteries to better use.

Our recycling process guarantees an environmentally-friendly solution that could financially benefit your organization, pending the age of your electronics.

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