Electronics that Can Be Recycled

When people and businesses want to unload their old electronics and make the world a better place, electronic recycling is the best route to go.

However, while facilities like RetirePC can accept a majority of electronics, not every piece of older machinery is eligible for safe recycling and reuse.

Our goal is to get you excited about putting your old electronics back to good use. So, let’s take a look at what you can and cannot recycle and what exactly happens to each of these types of electronics.

Why is Electronics Recycling Important?

Electronics recycling is a great practice because it creates a positive solution for communities all around.

  • Recycling prevents the overfill of landfills where rotting electronics produce e-waste that pollutes the environment
  • Electronics recycling helps make new electronics affordable for the general public
  • Recycling mitigates the need for the farming of limited resources
  • Recycling can help produce some income for people that utilize the process. The amount paid greatly depends on the age of the electronics. The older they are, the less profit a person will make.

What Can You Recycle at Retire PC?

Now that you know the “why’s” of recycling, let’s take a look at what you can actually bring to Retire PC.


Did you know that only under 2 percent of old computers and laptops aren’t recyclable? From screen glass to ray tubes, circuit boards, and power cords, there are multitudes of ways that RetirePC can recycle and reutilize your old computers.

Trust us to either refurbish or repurpose your old computer, giving it the second life it deserves.

Mobile Devices

Cell phones, iPads, tablets, and other smart devices all have electronic components that are perfect for the electronics recycling process. The parts inside of these electronics can easily be repurposed and utilized in new electronics, making them more affordable devices.

Office Equipment

Much like mobile devices and computers, office equipment also has electronic components that are useful in the recycling process.

Some older office equipment we can accept include:

  • Telephone equipment
  • Floor copiers
  • Printers
  • Desktop printers
  • Fax machines
  • Scanners

What Electronics Can’t Be Recycled?

It’s rare for electronic equipment to be rejected from the recycling process, but it does happen. Some of the most common electronics that get turned away include:

  • LCD televisions
  • LCD computer monitors
  • Older televisions that contain mercury
  • Cathode ray tube televisions for their lead content

Do These Electronics Become E-Waste?

When an electronic contains mercury and lead, it is no longer recyclable and is treated as hazardous waste. While an electronic recycling company won’t accept hazardous waste, fear not, it isn’t doomed to become an e-waste contaminant in a landfill.

Hazardous waste is typically disposed of in incinerators where its toxins are broken down and destroyed, or it is placed in a carefully constructed unit in a landfill where it is able to break down without impacting surrounding air or groundwater.

Turn in Your Old Electronics for Cash, Today at RetirePC

If you have a large number of electronics that you are ready to give a second life, the team at RetirePC can help! We will gladly sort your electronics, let you know what we can and can’t accept, and ensure you receive top dollar for anything you sell.

Contact us today to learn more about the recycling process or schedule your next drop-off.

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