R2 Certification
If you’ve ever visited our site before or read our blogs, you know that we are proud to be R2 certified. As responsible recyclers, we believe in taking every step possible in order to reduce our environmental footprint in the community.
It’s essential in our eyes for us to be R2 certified, but we understand why some of our clients might not see the importance of this achievement. We want you to be excited to work with our company and that’s why we’ve decided to take a deeper dive into the details of this certification!

What is an R2 Certification?

R2 certification is a certification that companies can obtain in order to meet standards set by  “Sustainable Electronics” the nonprofit that houses the R2 standard. R2 Technical Advisory Committee. The standard in place is meant to promote responsible recycling within the electronics recycling industry.

The standards that we follow at RetirePC include:
  •  Having an EHSMS Environmental, Health, and Safety Management System that includes certifications for R2, ISO 14001, and OHSA 18001
  • Being R2 certified requires us to track all assets until their final resting place. We are not allowed to use landfill, 3rd world countries, or dispose of any electronic piece that does not conform to US, State, and City guidelines.
  •  Data destruction is a big concern and the R2 Standard requires us to abide by N.I.S.T. guidelines
  • The 3 R’s: Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • The practice of efficient energy recovery from recycled products

Why Should You Care if We Are R2 Certified?

Being R2 certified generally benefits every client who puts their trust in us, and the overall environment where our office is located. When you work with RetirePC for your asset disposition, you are working with a company that:

  •  Minimizes environmental and health risks of recycling
  • Complies with local, national, and international environmental laws
  • Minimizes the liability of creating further e-waste in the environment
  • Is ready to help you unload large amounts of electronics and protects your valuable data
Preventing E-waste and protecting client data are two of our largest priorities at RetirePC. Our clients can rest easy knowing that we took the time to get certified through the R2 certification process and believe in upholding our dedication to efficient electronics recycling.

Trust Our Certification and Professionalism for Efficient Electronic Recycling

If your business or school district has mass amounts of electronics that need to be recycled, put your product in the hands of RetirePC. We are a Dallas-based electronics recycling company that specializes in efficient data destruction and the preservation of the environment through our services.

Recycling with RetirePC is simple! All you have to do on your end is pack up the equipment, and our team will take the rest of the work on from there. We look forward to making the recycling process simple for you! Contact us today to find out how to get started with our services.
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