School District Electronics Recycling and Upgrade

When a school district finds the funds in its budget to upgrade classroom technology, you can bet they’ll take advantage of it and start ordering new equipment to enrich the learning experience.

While this is an amazing step forward for a district, the question about asset disposition and how to get equipment off campus usually comes up. Here are some of the ways RetirePC has helped school districts across Texas dispose of their old electronics efficiently and hassle-free.

We Protect Vital Information

School technology contains highly classified information about the children and staff that inhabit the halls. Social security numbers, health records, and financial information can all be found on old hard drives if they are just stored away to be forgotten.

If a breach occurs because of mismanaging your old equipment, your district will be held liable. Avoid the lawsuit and trust RetirePC to keep your staff and community families safe.

Our data destruction service ensures that the hard drives sent our way are shredded to the point of no return. The shredder we use for destruction can handle thousands of hard drives per hour.

So, regardless of the amount of information you need to be destroyed, our team will be able to take the weight off of your district’s shoulders and efficiently carry out the job.

RetirePC Helps Your District Practice Safe Asset Disposition

The equipment used in schools contains harmful elements that can contaminate the environment when left to waste. The local dump may seem like a viable option for getting rid of your equipment, but it isn’t a healthy option as a whole.

At RetirePC, we make every effort to mitigate e-waste from our communities, and that’s why we accept several types of equipment for our asset disposal and recycling process.

Our services adhere to EPA and government regulatory guidelines and can even increase your profitability and maximize ROI. Don’t contribute to e-waste. Trust us to recycle your equipment and decrease your environmental footprint during your upgrade process.

Our Team Picks it Up for You!

Don’t worry about having to rent out trucks or gather volunteers to get your equipment to our doorstep. Doing this only puts the value of your equipment at risk, and also poses a safety hazard to your employees and volunteers.

RetirePC makes the logistics simple. Once you’ve gathered your equipment up, let us know, and our qualified drivers will ensure your equipment has secure transport to our facility. We come to you, and assume all liability for your equipment once it’s in our hands.

Say Goodbye to Old Classroom Electronics with RetirePC

If your school district is ready for students to return from winter break with new computers, or if you’re putting large amounts of assets to bid, RetirePC to help! We are Choice Partners Cooperative approved and will gladly take your old assets off of your hands for recycling. 

Start fresh with your new equipment and let RetirePC handle the disposal details. Contact us today to learn more about our process and pickup schedule.

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