Why School Districts Should Donate Old Technology for Electronics Recycling

Technology that benefits the classroom is something that’s always on the rise. However, some school districts may hold onto outdated technology out of comfort or lack of available funds in the school year’s budget.

However, at RetirePC, we are confident that through our recycling process, your school could free up the space and increase the funds to improve the student experience in your district.

Why Should Your District Keep Up With New Technology?

Switching out outdated hardware for new technology in your district’s classrooms isn’t just an effort to make your schools look great for prospective students.

In fact, technology upgrades can actually help your current students succeed in the classroom.

Here’s a closer look at why your school district should recycle its outdated technology whenever the opportunity arises.

Evolved Technology Creates Collaboration

Modern technology has the potential to directly connect students and teachers without the need for additional software purchases. 

Older technology may have the ability to make some collaboration possible, but let’s face it, the more technology evolves, the more it prioritizes seamless collaborative possibilities for the classroom and workforce.

Waste Reduction

New technology has the power to run newer software that promote digital dropboxes for student work over physical paper copies. With newer equipment, not only can your classrooms become more efficient, but paper waste is drastically reduced on an annual basis.

Students Are Better Prepared for the Real World

School is meant to best prepare students for interaction with the real world after graduation. Giving students the opportunity to learn the latest forms of technology only sets them up for success as they enter the workforce and have to interact with it on a daily basis.

Improved Adaptability

New technology also allows teachers to remain adaptable as aspects of certain lessons may need to change on a whim. 

For example, if a group of students needs more instruction on a specific topic, a teacher with newer equipment can easily shift gears for that specific set of students while keeping the current curriculum in place for their remaining classes.

Why Should a School Recycle Its Older Technology?

So, why recycle your old equipment over storing it in the class closet or offsite facility? Let’s find out. how recycling can do so much more than reduce your school’s environmental footprint.

Classroom Space is Limited

Holding onto old technology because you think your teachers will use it later only clogs up classrooms and storage areas as newer technology makes its way into classrooms.

Modern classrooms are typically packed with students and space is already limited. Don’t push your teachers into further stress by forcing them to hold onto old technology for a rainy day that never comes.

Outdated Technology Slows Down the Learning Process

Even if you decide to mix in old technology with your new additions in the classroom, the quality of your student’s learning will quickly start to decline.

Older technology doesn’t run new software well, is prone to freezing, crashing, and generally runs slower. Don’t leave some of your kids in the lurch. Make a change for the better and completely transition to new technology, while recycling your full sets of old hardware.

Recycled Technology can Boost the Annual Budget

Selling your old equipment to a recycling company can help your district see some legitimate ROI on its outdated technology. In turn, your district can use these funds to help make the transition to new technology a smoother financial experience.

Keep in mind that you should always try to sell your older equipment as soon as possible because market value on hardware significantly decreases over time.

Recycle Your District’s Old Hardware With the Experts at RetirePC

If you are a member of your district’s board of education and know that it’s time to bring in some new hardware for your students to benefit from, let the team at RetirePC help

All you have to do is pack up your old equipment, make an appointment with us for easy pick-up, and your old technology is out of your hands.

Contact us today to learn more about our regulated and efficient electronics recycling processes.

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