Recycle Electronics near Dallas

When your business’ IT equipment has reached its “use by” date, it’s time to consider recycling your electronics as your company invests in new technology. Although it’s common knowledge that asset recycling is great for the environment, America’s landfills continue to pile up with literal tons of electronic waste (E-waste) year after year.

We hear people give excuses all the time about why they don’t need to recycle their outdated IT equipment, and the team at RetirePC is here to explain why these reasons simply don’t fly. If you’ve made any of these statements in the past, prepare to have your opinion changed!

Recycling Doesn’t Benefit Me

Aside from the environmental benefits of not contributing to greenhouse emissions, recycling your electronics with RetirePC can actually benefit you financially. Our value recovery program helps facilities like yours see cash recovery on their old equipment.

Our disposal process gives you a chance to see the desired ROI that directly benefits your budget and increases gross sales. Get the highest payment possible on your retired equipment when you sell through our program.

It’s Too Much Trouble to Haul My Electronics Away

Think you have too much equipment from your offices to take to a recycling center near you? Once again, RetirePC has a solution for you. We provide white-glove service, our team will gather the electronics up for disposition, make ready for transport and take it back to our facility for processing.

I Can Perform Data Destruction Myself

If you think a hammer or other form of brute force is enough to keep your business clear of a data breach, you’re gravely mistaken. Yes, smashing a hard drive can prevent it from use, but the data is still there, and a savvy hacker will happily take the time to collect the data from your DIY attempt at data destruction.

With data destruction services from RetirePC, you can save your facility thousands of dollars in potential damages by recycling your old electronics with us. Our on-site shredder is prepared to handle mass amounts of data and ensures your information is shredded beyond recognition.

I May Be Able to Use Some Parts Later…

After your warranty is up on your electronics in 3-5 years and a refresh has taken place, the chances that you go back to the old equipment you’ve stashed away are slim to none. However, if you think that the equipment could be useful for future users, we invite you to sell it to us. We specialize in refurbishing used equipment and will pay you to help us reduce the e-waste of computers and electronics left to rot in storage.

Make the Right Recycling Choices with RetirePC

Stop making excuses that harm the environment and end up costing you money in the long run! Let the professionals at RetirePC help you unload your mass amounts of equipment from your business, governmental facility or school district. We can handle most equipment that comes our way and are ready to offer our efficient services. Contact us today to get the process started.

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