Computer Recycling

Commercial computers don’t have the ability to last forever. So, when your business’ desktops and laptops decide to kick the bucket, it’s time to schedule a mass e-recycling effort and bring in new and updated equipment.

Some businesses will run their desktops and laptops into the ground until the dreaded bluescreen illuminates their browsers. Yet most companies we see, schedule a refresh on the products when their warranty runs out within 3-5 years.

Another event that triggers a refresh before computer failure is when a company moves on to a new operating system. We’ve seen many companies switch systems and upgrade their desktops and laptops in the process.

However, if you notice that business is slowing down, here’s a simple checklist you can use to determine if it may be time for your computer system to see itself out. After all, the key to getting ROI on your equipment is to not hold on to retired assets.

● Commercial Computers Show Slow Performance

In general, your computers should be performing at a speed that doesn’t impede business operations. So, if you start to notice equipment taking a long time to power up, and experience lag issues with several programs or windows open at once. It may be time to clear out your hard drive or be on the hunt for a new set of office computers.

● Issues with Program Installation

Computer programs constantly evolve to their next version. Most of these are essential programs that help a business keep track of finances, scheduling, and more! If your computers start to have trouble loading basic program upgrades, this is a sure sign of bigger, more expensive problems down the line if the equipment isn’t replaced.

● You can Hear the Fans

Your computer and laptop’s fans are what keep your system from overheating and breaking down. Generally, this piece of your equipment should be silent or barely audible. When a system starts to run the fan often and at extremely high volumes, it’s time to call in for commercial equipment pickup from an asset disposition company.

● Inability to Hold a Charge

One of the signs that it’s time to replace laptops is when they can no longer hold a proper charge while disconnected from an outlet. The whole point of a laptop is to work on the go. Once your laptop starts showing this issue and other inefficiency problems after a couple of years worth of use, it’s time to part ways and invest in a quality upgrade.

Why Recycle Your Commercial Computers and Laptops?

Even though you may be tempted to just leave your old equipment on the curb for trash pickup we encourage you to reduce e-waste.

All over the nation, landfills are cumulating e-waste from old electronics. This waste not only contributes to the pollution of our communities but is also a health hazard once it’s released into the environment.

Reduce e-waste and improve your environmental footprint through a licensed electronic recycling company. Also, if the environmental benefits of recycling weren’t enough, recycling commercial desktops and laptops can also help you earn some ROI at the end of the day.

When your commercial equipment starts to slow down, remember, the choice to make the right decision is pain-free and safe. We will even come and pick up your bulk items from you.

Keep Your Data Safe With RetirePC

One of the biggest concerns centered on going with a recycling company like RetirePC is the security of your data. Our team is licensed to carry out effective data destruction that ensures your most confidential files will remain your business’ secrets. If you’re ready to make a secure move towards recycling your old commercial electronics, we’re ready to help! Contact us today to schedule your bulk electronics pickup and get the recycling process started!



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