Recycling Large Electronics

Recycling large electronics can help open up office space when it’s time to officially retire equipment. Some businesses may be tempted to stash electronics away. dispose of old equipment to landfills or leave them on the curb as a “public donation.”

This equipment contains wires and components that can be harmful if mismanaged or broken. That’s why best practices for a business experiencing mass asset turnover are to find a local electronics recycling company that specializes in the disposal of large electronics.

Why Should You Think About Recycling Large Electronics?

Aside from the safety hazards involved with mismanagement of outdated products, there is a much bigger reason why RetirePC is such a huge proponent of electronic equipment recycling.

Even though the United States has made substantial efforts to recycle electronics, e-waste is still a huge problem. Our society actually only recycles half of its electronics, and when these materials are sent to the dump, mercury and other dangerous materials are released into the environment.

Electronic recycling through a specialized company like ours helps to reduce your business’ e-waste and can also help put materials found in electronics (gold, metal, copper) to good use.

What is Considered Large Electronics?

At RetirePC, we understand that electronic upgrades need to be made and old equipment needs to be let go. Large electronics aren’t going to fit in your office’s recycling program bins. The next time you need to recycle a mass amount of electronics or what you’d consider larger equipment, here are some of the items we can recycle:

  • Air Conditioners
  • All Types of Cables
  • Dryers
  • Computers
  • Scanners
  • Printers
  • Electric Motors
  • Telecom Equipment, and more!

Learn more about where your recycled IT equipment goes after recycling them with RetirePC.

Properly Prep Your Assets

Asset disposition isn’t simply washing your hands of old equipment once it’s time for an upgrade.

Usually larger equipment has withheld company secrets or data that you’ll want to secure before handing it away. Fortunately, we are a Dallas company that provides services in data destruction that are both environmentally sound and efficient.

There are a couple of things you can do to ensure larger products are easily acquired by our team.

Restore to Factory Settings

Most large electronics will come with a way for you to restore them to factory settings. While this doesn’t completely protect your data security, it’s a good first step to take. We believe in protecting your privacy and that taking every possible security measure is essential.

Bundle Up!

Safety when moving large electronics is paramount. We want your employees and our team to transport your large electronics without any issues. That’s why we encourage all of the plug-ins for equipment to be bundled up and taped to the main body of the electronic. This reduces the possibility of someone tripping and injuring themselves during pickup.

Upgrading? RetirePC Helps You Retire Your Old Assets

If your equipment’s scheduled refresh is approaching, think about how RetirePC can help you unload your electronics. Protect your company’s data while protecting the environment today! Contact us and we’ll help schedule secure transport for your retired assets.


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