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Even though technology is a necessity in modern society, it’s never enough to buy one piece of electronic equipment you need and stick with it for years to come. Thanks to planned obsolescence, technology has a shelf life and relying on equipment to last beyond a limited number of years is impossible. 

Here’s a closer look at the current situation regarding the lifespan of current technology and why built-in obsolescence is essentially ruining the budgets of several industries.

Technology Shelf Life Has Significantly Decreased Over the Years

Years ago, Scott McNealy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems stated that technology has the shelf life of a banana.

“By the time you buy it, implement it and train people on it, it’s obsolete,” he said. Even though this statement was made at a conference in 2007, these qualms with technology still ring true within modern industry.

The Issue of Built-In Obsolescence

It’s no secret that most major technology companies create their product with the intent of replacing them within the next year or so. This practice is known as built-in or planned obsolescence and it creates several obstacles for users across several industries.

Higher Expense

The goal of planned obsolescence is to give electronics shorter lifespans that guarantee customers will be coming back to pick up the next model. While there are several plans out there for individuals to upgrade at reduced rates, this poses a massive problem to industries that rely on large amounts of the same equipment at one time. 

Once your office’s equipment becomes obsolete, it’ll be easy to find the next best thing, but it will be extremely expensive. With the average lifespan of a laptop lasting 4-5 years, is this a budget expense you’re willing to take more than once in a decade?

Environmental Damage

Constant replacement of older technology sadly results in the overuse of community landfills when products get kicked to the curb. Don’t let your environment suffer from hazardous waste. Turn in your old equipment to a company that will be able to properly destroy your data and recycle your products with minimal negative implications for the environment.

Make the Most of Your Equipment’s Obsolescence with RetirePC

Don’t let the practice of planned obsolescence get you down about your current IT equipment setup. Just because your tech has gone out of fashion doesn’t mean it isn’t still of use to you. At RetirePC, we help you get the most out of your old and unused technology. Based on the equipment and load size, we can take the tech off of your hands and ensure you get paid for it!

Earn some ROI on your obsolete technology with us. Contact our team to get the process started!

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