Why You Should Recycle Your Old Computer

While you may think that your business will eventually restore that old mass of desktops in storage, life moves fast and the chances are slim that you’ll ever bring your plans to fruition.

Rather than leaving old computers to waste away on your property, forever lost to time, put old parts to good use with electronic recycling. Computer recycling is a simple process that can repurpose your old computer and create several, direct benefits for you and your local environment.

Let’s explore some of the biggest reasons for you to pack up your old computers and schedule a recycling pick-up or drop-off with RetirePC.


  1. Potential ROI for Recycling Your Computer

    Not every recycling facility will be able to pay you for your older computers, but at RetirePC, we guarantee maximum payment for your old desktops and laptops. This money can be used to directly invest in the improvement of your organization.

    Keep in mind that age is an important factor in the ROI of your equipment. The younger it is, the more value it has. Therefore, the longer you wait around to collect and donate your old computers, the less money you’ll walk away with after your transaction.

  2. Computer Recycling Prevents Toxic Contamination

    It can take up to a million years for some of the parts of a computer to degrade in a landfill. Unfortunately, this long-term degradation lets people feel more comfortable with the decision to dump old computers at a landfill.

    As more and more computers are dropped at landfills, they will eventually be forgotten and waste away in the sun accumulating mass amounts of e-waste in the environment.

    E-waste causes irreversible damage to soil and local waters as lead, mercury, and other harmful chemicals eventually make their way from degrading computers and into resources we rely on.

  3. Valuable Mineral Resources Are Reclaimed

    Gold, platinum, and aluminum are some of the several valuable resources used to create new computers. These materials and others are able to be recycled over and over again.

    This not only prevents the unnecessary collection of limited resources, but the reclamation of used materials allows them to be reused for other purposes and makes the price point of new product production more affordable.

  4. You’re Providing Local Community Support

    Although your old computer may not be useful for you right now, recycling your equipment gives you the chance to give back to your community.

    Recycled computers can be repurposed and used by organizations like libraries, and charitable organizations.

    They also provide an affordable way for low-income families to access essential technologies that keep them connected to the digital world.

  5. Computer Recycling Saves Energy

    Creating and mining new materials consumes mass amounts of energy and creates unnecessary stress on the environment. Recycling old computers requires much less energy than creating new computers from scratch. Just one ton of recycled metals can save thousands of kWh worth of energy.

Experience Efficient Computer Recycling With RetirePC

Recycling older computers and electronics is what we specialize in at RetirePC. Not only will we successfully repurpose your old computers and pay you as much as possible for your donation, but we also guarantee secure data destruction that keeps your private information safe.

If you’re ready to clear space and part ways with your old computers, we’re ready to take them off of your hands.

Contact us today to schedule a free pick-up with Dallas’ most trusted electronics recycling experts.

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