Refurbished Electronics

With new models of popular IT technology regularly making their way to the market, a business’ budget can take a toll when trying to upgrade to the latest models. This leads many businesses to look elsewhere for new equipment in used and refurbished electronics.

You may already be thinking that used and refurbished are the same thing, but the folks at RetirePC are here to inform you that there is a huge difference in quality and reliability between the two options. Here’s everything you need to know about the difference between refurbished and used electronic equipment.

Refurbished Electronics Usually Come in Great Condition

Refurbished devices aren’t simply taken from past users and put on the market. When an electronic recycling company accepts a device, the product is:

  • Repaired
  • Inspected
  • Tested for performance

The goal of refurbishment is to get the product as close to brand-new as possible. This allows consumers to enjoy the best performance experiences in newer electronics minus the wallet-breaking price tag.

Used Devices Vary in Physical Appearance

Performance isn’t all that we look for in a complete refurbishment. The outside matters to the customer. Refurbished products will not come with signs of cosmetic damage or wear. The goal is to make your product look like a new OEM product.

Used electronics like those found from the average third-party seller will most likely come with the label that distinguishes possible cosmetic issues.

Refurbished Products Offer a Warranty

OEMs and distributors that sell refurbished items will offer a warranty to buyers. These are often the same warranties offered with a brand-new product and don’t run cheap for the distributor. If the product is warrantied, chances are that your refurbished equipment is something that is worth investing in.

Used products generally don’t come with this type of service and protection. This makes these electronics a huge gamble for buyers. When shopping for something as necessary as IT equipment a gamble isn’t worth the risk.

Should You Go Refurbished Over Used?

If your goal is to save money while having the most recent electronic equipment, then refurbished is the best route for your budget. Not only do used devices come with the risk of being defective and cosmetically worn, but these are usually products that are discarded because they are obsolete.

Refurbished products from a reputable company have gone through a strict recycling process that guarantees your product will both look and perform optimally.

Purchase Reliable, Refurbished Electronics From RetirePC

Why break your annual budget on new, when refurbished electronics provide you with a more affordable and environmentally-friendly option? RetirePC is a Dallas-based electronic recycling company that firmly believes in the process of refurbishing old IT equipment and related electronics.

If you have old equipment you need to unload prior to an upgrade, we’ll be more than happy to take it off your hands. Contact us today to find out more about data destruction, refurbishment and the processes we follow.



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