Reasons Your Business Needs an Electronics Recycling Program

Starting an electronics recycling program could be one of the most influential moves your facility makes! No matter the industry, every entity wants to be known as environmentally-friendly within their community.

Aside from the reputation boost, there are several other reasons for a business to jump into a recycling program. Use some of these talking points when convincing your management that it’s time to make your electronics upgrade process greener.

Your Business’ Sensitive Data Should Stay Private!

Data destruction is one of the key services that electronics recycling offers. Many of the entities RetirePC serves work with extremely sensitive data that could prove disastrous in a breach.

Leaving your electronics to rot in a landfill only opens up the door to trouble. Even DIY destruction can be pieced together by a savvy thief.

With a recycling program in place, your sensitive data stay within the company! Our data destruction services ensure that no shred of your client’s information leaves the doors of your building.

Recycling Gives Materials New Life

Electronics are made from precious materials that don’t naturally go bad when the electronics reach the end of their warranty. A recycling company that focuses on electronics could be seen as a green mad scientist.

We know what materials can still be used and can easily piece the right items together to create a refurbished product that gives older materials a second chance!

Storing Old Equipment Wastes Space

Sometimes when a company’s electronic equipment meets its warranty date, the older equipment is packed away in storage for “later use.” We can tell you now, once the new equipment hits the office floor, the only thing your older electronics are good for is collecting dust.

Let your electronics collect ROI with the help of a recycling program. Wasted space means wasted money, and our value recovery service can help your facility see some cash from the electronics that it’s bidding adieu. Increase gross sales and cut expenses with the help of the experts of RetirePC.

Tossing Electronics Promotes E-Waste

E-waste is one of the biggest issues plaguing cities across the nation. Your electronics contain materials like lead and mercury that create some serious health risks when their toxins go airborne.

Don’t promote this problem by dumping your electronics in the bin. Trust a professional recycling company to keep your efforts greener!

Get Your Recycling Needs Met With RetirePC

Once you have a recycling plan in place, RetirePC can easily handle the rest! We will come to you and carry away your organized and packed electronics. From there, you can ensure your data is protected and your business is efficiently parting ways with its outdated technology.

We can even help you earn ROI off of your old equipment! Get the process started today! Contact us and schedule your next mass pickup.


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