Asset Disposal

No piece of office equipment holds up forever. Sometimes even the most faithful piece of equipment faces retirement. Based on the cost of new equipment and storage space available at an office location, some management may not understand when asset disposal is a need.

Your business is only as good as the equipment it uses for its operations. Find out when it’s time to upgrade your IT equipment and bid farewell to old computers, printers, and more!

Equipment No Longer Works

Electronic office equipment has a limited shelf life. After some time, eventually, your computers and related products will just shut down. From failure to power up to the dreaded blue screen of death, these are all clear signs that it’s time to look into data destruction possibilities and investing in new IT equipment,

Your Equipment Doesn’t Support Current Needs

When maintained and used properly your office equipment can make your workplace more organized, efficient, and successful at accomplishing even the most gargantuan of tasks. However, as your business grows, further needs will need to be met.

From a new set-up with expanded programming or the need for more equipment in the workplace due to new hires, there are several ways that your current systems may not support your needs.

Keep in mind that you always want your equipment to be functional at an optimal level, business-wise. Upgrading or adding a new computer that’s lightyears ahead of similar equipment is just bad business. If you plan on updating your system to meet the current demands of your industry, make sure you recycle any equipment that is just old and doesn’t pass the muster.

What Are Your Disposal Options?

Although repair and refurbishment for older equipment may seem like a viable option, sometimes letting go and moving on is the best option. However, disposing of your equipment at the dump can result in environmental harm and hefty fines for your business. Try out these options instead.


At RetirePC, we are all about reducing the impact of e-waste on our local environment. So, instead of taking a trip to the dump, recycle your old equipment with us. We can ensure that not only is your equipment properly disposed of, but that data destruction on your equipment is carried out and keeps your business safe.

Sell Your Computer Hardware

We offer cash for your PC and PC hardware. So, if you know that it’s time to get rid of your old equipment, sell your hardware to us! This is an easy process that benefits your business in more ways than one.

Your Warranty Has Expired

We work with a lot of companies that refresh their computers when the warranty runs out. Many Fortune 1000 companies purchase a 3-year warranty for their desktop/laptops and a 5-6 year warranty for server-based products.

This leads to getting an ROI on retired assets after they have refreshed their IT gear. Many companies could get a higher return if they act quickly on recycling their assets. Unfortunately, though, many companies hold on to their assets for a period of time and their assets lose value.

Practice Smart Data Destruction With RetirePC

Keep your business’ data secure during the asset disposal process by working with RetirePC. We are an R2 certified company that offers several services that make the asset disposal process a painless experience. If you’re ready to unload your equipment the right way, contact us to get started.

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